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A New Synthesis of 4H-1,4-Thiazines and Benzothiazines 1-gen-1978 F., Chioccara; Oliva, Leone; G., Prota; E., Novellino
Macro Inorganics IV: Thermodynamic Functions Relative to the Protonation of a Poly(amido-amine) with Repeating Units Containing 3 Amino Groups 1-gen-1979 R., Barbucci; P., Ferruti; C., Improta; M., La Torraca; Oliva, Leone; M. C., Tanzi
Macro Inorganics V. Basicity and Complexity Ability of a New Class of Poly(amido-amines) with Tertiary Amino Groups Present both in the Main Chain and as Side Substituent 1-gen-1980 P., Ferruti; Oliva, Leone; R., Barbucci; M. C., Tanzi
Macroinorganics. 7. Property-structure relationships for polymeric bases whose monomeric units behave independently toward protonation 1-gen-1981 R., Barbucci; M., Casolaro; P., Ferruti; V., Barone; F., Lelj; Oliva, Leone
Macro-inorganics. Part 6. Protonation and complex formation of a new series of polymers whose repeating units behave independently 1-gen-1981 P., Ferruti; N., Danzo; Oliva, Leone; R., Barbucci; V., Barone
A possible structural interpretation of two DSC melting peaks of isotactic polypropylene in the a-modification 1-gen-1982 P., Corradini; R:, Napolitano; Oliva, Leone; V., Petraccone; B., Pirozzi; Guerra, Gaetano
Ethylene-propene copolymerization in the presence of a 13C enriched catalyst: end group analysis and monomer reactivities in the first insertion steps 1-gen-1984 P., Ammendola; A., Vitagliano; Oliva, Leone; A., Zambelli
Ethylene-propene copolymerization. Monomer reactivity and reaction mechanism 1-gen-1985 P., Ammendola; Oliva, Leone; G., Gianotti; A., Zambelli
Polymerization of Alpha-olefins In the Presence of Delta-ticl3/al(ch3)3 - Chain Propagation Rate Constants For Ethylene and Propene 1-gen-1986 P., Ammendola; A., Zambelli; Oliva, Leone; T., Tancredi
Isotactic Polymerization of Propene With Heterogeneous Catalytic-systems - A Partial Tentative Rationalization of the Behavior of Some 3rd Components 1-gen-1986 A., Zambelli; Oliva, Leone; P., Ammendola
Some preliminary information on syndiotactic polystyrene catalysts 1-gen-1988 Zambelli, Adolfo; Pellecchia, Claudio; Oliva, Leone; H., Shimin
Isotactic Polypropylene By Polymerization of Propene In the Presence of Some Achiral Soluble Transition-metal Compounds and Methylaluminoxane 1-gen-1988 Oliva, Leone; Longo, Pasquale; Pellecchia, Claudio
Up/down ordering phenomena in crystalline isotactic polystyrene as a function of thermal tretment 1-gen-1988 V., Petraccone; C., Derosa; A., Tuzi; R., Fusco; Oliva, Leone
Soluble Catalysts For Syndiotactic Polymerization of Styrene 1-gen-1989 A., Zambelli; Oliva, Leone; Pellecchia, Claudio
Steric control in the initiation step of the isospecific homogeneous Ziegler-Natta polymerization of propene and 1-butene 1-gen-1989 Cavallo, Luigi; Guerra, Gaetano; Oliva, Leone; M., Vacatello; P., Corradini
Soluble Catalysts For Syndiotactic Polymerization of Styrene 1-gen-1989 Zambelli, Adolfo; Oliva, Leone; Pellecchia, Claudio
Behavior of Homogenous Catalysts For Propene Polymerization In Methylene-chloride 1-gen-1989 Longo, Pasquale; Oliva, Leone; Grassi, Alfonso; Pellecchia, Claudio
Preliminary Kinetic Investigation On Syndiotactic Polymerization of Styrene 1-gen-1989 Oliva, Leone; Pellecchia, Claudio; P., Cinquina; Zambelli, Adolfo
Polymerization of 1,3-alkadienes In the Presence of Ni-based and Ti-based Catalytic-systems Containing Methylalumoxane 1-gen-1990 Oliva, Leone; Longo, Pasquale; Grassi, Alfonso; P., Ammendola; Pellecchia, Claudio
Some C-13 Nmr Evidence On Isotactic Polymerization of Styrene 1-gen-1990 Longo, Pasquale; Grassi, Alfonso; Oliva, Leone; P., Ammendola
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