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Low 25 (OH) vitamin D levels are associated with autoimmune thyroid disease in polycystic ovary syndrome 1-gen-2016 Muscogiuri, G; Palomba, S; Caggiano, M; Tafuri, D; Colao, A; Orio, F
Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) in implant dentistry in combination with new bone regenerative technique in elderly patients 1-gen-2016 Cortese, Antonio; Pantaleo, Giuseppe; Borri, Antonio; Caggiano, Mario; Amato, Massimo
Dental care and dentistry practice in the Medieval Medical School of Salerno 1-gen-2016 Bifulco, Maurizio; Amato, Massimo; Gangemi, Giuseppina; Marasco, Magda; Caggiano, Mario; Amato, Alessandra; Pisanti, Simona
Zygomatic fractures: Technical modifications for better aesthetic and functional results in older patients. 1-gen-2016 Cortese, Antonio; Caggiano, Mario; Carlino, Franco; Pantaleo, Giuseppe
Tooth wear is frequent in adult patients with celiac disease 1-gen-2017 Amato, Massimo; Zingone, Fabiana; Caggiano, Mario; Iovino, Paola; Bucci, Cristina; Ciacci, Carolina
New technique for large mandibular and surrounding soft tissue reconstruction that uses an intraoral three-dimensional distractor for one step transport disc distraction osteogenesis 1-gen-2018 Cortese, Antonio; Caggiano, Mario; Pantaleo, Giuseppe; Amato, Massimo; Claudio, Pier P
In-office and walking bleach dental treatments on endodontically-treated teeth: 25 years follow-up 1-gen-2018 Amato, A; Caggiano, M; Pantaleo, G; Amato, M
Prevalence of Sleep Bruxism in IBD Patients and Its Correlation to Other Dental Disorders and Quality of Life 1-gen-2018 Bucci, C.; Amato, M.; Zingone, F.; Caggiano, M.; Iovino, P.; Ciacci, C.
Lip reconstruction by new split cheek flap 1-gen-2018 Cortese, Antonio; Pantaleo, Giuseppe; Caggiano, Mario; Gargiulo, Maurizio; Claudio, Pier Paolo; Amato, Massimo
A new technique for palatal reconstruction using a local flap with screw fixation after ablative surgery 1-gen-2019 Cortese, Antonio; Caggiano, Mario; Borri, Antonio; Pantaleo, Giuseppe; Claudio, Pier Paolo
Infection Control in Dental Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic 1-gen-2020 Amato, Alessandra; Caggiano, Mario; Amato, Massimo; Moccia, Giuseppina; Capunzo, Mario; De Caro, Francesco
The perception of COVID-19 among Italian dentists: An orthodontic point of view 1-gen-2020 Martina, S.; Amato, A.; Rongo, R.; Caggiano, M.; Amato, M.
COVID-19: The Dentists' Perceived Impact on the Dental Practice 1-gen-2020 Amato, A.; Ciacci, C.; Martina, S.; Caggiano, M.; Amato, M.
Use of Diode Laser for Surgical Removal of Pyogenic Granuloma of the Lower Lip in a Pediatric Patient: A Case Report. 1-gen-2021 Pisano, M; Sammartino, P; Di Vittorio, L; Iandolo, A; Caggiano, M; Roghi, M; Bizzoca, Me; Lo Muzio, L
Laser therapy in the treatment of peri-implantitis: State-of-the-art, literature review and meta-analysis 1-gen-2021 Pisano, M; Amato, A; Sammartino, P; Iandolo, A; Martina, S; Caggiano, M
Immediate Loading of Fixed Prostheses in Fully Edentulous Jaws: A 7-Year Follow-Up from a Single-Cohort Retrospective Study 1-gen-2022 Pantaleo, G.; Acerra, A.; Giordano, F.; D'Ambrosio, Francesco; Langone, M.; Caggiano, M
Attitudes towards Antibiotic Prescription and Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness among Italian Dentists: What Are the Milestones? 1-gen-2022 D'Ambrosio, Francesco; Di Spirito, Federica; Amato, Alessandra; Caggiano, Mario; Lo Giudice, Roberto; Martina, Stefano
Two-Year Healing Success Rates after Endodontic Treatment Using 3D Cleaning Technique: A Prospective Multicenter Clinical Study 1-gen-2022 Pantaleo, Giuseppe; Amato, Alessandra; Iandolo, Alfredo; Abdellatif, Dina; Di Spirito, Federica; Caggiano, Mario; Pisano, Massimo; Blasi, Andrea; Fornara, Roberto; Amato, Massimo
Root Canal Cleaning after Different Irrigation Techniques: An Ex Vivo Analysis 1-gen-2022 Di Spirito, F.; Pisano, M.; Caggiano, M.; Bhasin, P.; Giudice, R. L.; Abdellatif, D.
The “Sling” Technique for Horizontal Guided Bone Regeneration: A Retrospective Case Series.pdf 1-gen-2022 Caggiano, M; D'Ambrosio, Francesco; Giordano, F; Acerra, A; Sammartino, Pasquale; Iandolo, A
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