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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Measuring Income Mobility over Equivalent Adults, ISER working paper series, no. 2003-15. 1-gen-2003 Abatemarco, Antonio
Is Income Mobility Socially Desirable? (28th General Conference of The International Association for Research in Income and Wealth) 1-gen-2004 Abatemarco, Antonio
Income Mobility Comparisons and Equivalizing Transformations 1-gen-2004 Abatemarco, Antonio
Detecting Structural Changes in the Italian Stock Market through Complexity 1-gen-2005 Abatemarco, Antonio
On the Measurement of Intra-generational Lifetime Redistribution in Pension Systems (CeRP Working Paper n.55) 1-gen-2006 Abatemarco, Antonio
Programmi elettorali: quanto costerebbe l’incremento ad 800 euro della pensione minima? 1-gen-2006 Abatemarco, Antonio
Studi di settore, Rapporto dell'Agenzia delle Entrate 1-gen-2008 Abatemarco, Antonio
Measurement Issues for Adequacy Comparisons among Pension Systems 1-gen-2009 Abatemarco, Antonio
A Note on Complaints and Deprivation 1-gen-2010 Abatemarco, Antonio
Measuring inequality of opportunity through between-group inequality components 1-gen-2010 Abatemarco, Antonio
A deprivation approach to inequality of opportunity: evidence from the PSID (XXIII Conferenza SIEP) 1-gen-2011 Abatemarco, Antonio
Certainty equivalent citation: a generalized class of citation indexes 1-gen-2011 Abatemarco, Antonio; Dell'Anno, Roberto
The Italian Reform of the academic recruitment system. An appraisal of ANVUR and CUN benchmarks for assessing candidates and commissioners 1-gen-2012 Abatemarco, Antonio; Dell'Anno, Roberto
Certainty equivalent citation: generalized classes of citation indexes 1-gen-2013 Abatemarco, Antonio; Dell'Anno, Roberto
A bibliometric evaluation of the research outputs of Italian economists 1-gen-2013 Abatemarco, Antonio; Dell'Anno, Roberto
A Gini approach to inequality of opportunity: evidence from the PSID 1-gen-2015 Abatemarco, Antonio
A Resource Sensitive Framework for Defining and Measuring Equality of Opportunity in Health 1-gen-2016 Abatemarco, Antonio; Sergio, Beraldo; Francesca, Stroffolini
Doing Rawls Justice: Evidence from the PSID 1-gen-2016 Abatemarco, Antonio
The Economics of Justice as Fairness 1-gen-2017 Abatemarco, Antonio; Stroffolini, Francesca
Evaluating Economic Mobility under Opportunity Egalitarianism 1-gen-2017 Abatemarco, Antonio
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 36
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