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A step towards bio-surfactants: Monoalkylglyceryl ethers synthesis through glycidol alcoholysis with long-chain alcohols catalyzed by Al(OTf)3 1-gen-2020 Ricciardi, Maria; Cucciniello, Raffaele; Barrault, Joel; Faggiano, Antonio; Capacchione, Carmine; Proto, Antonio
Analysis of PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and other main components in black crusts collected from the Monumental Cemetery of Milan (Italy) 1-gen-2022 Ricciardi, M.; Faggiano, A.; Pironti, C.; Motta, O.; Carotenuto, M.; Comite, V.; Fermo, P.; Proto, A.
Investigation on the deterioration of lead artifacts. A case study on piano keys and their degradation products 1-gen-2022 Faggiano, A.; Ricciardi, M.; Pironti, C.; Motta, O.; Miele, Y.; Prete, P.; Proto, A.
Investigations on historical monuments’ deterioration through chemical and isotopic analyses: an Italian case study 1-gen-2022 Ricciardi, Maria; Pironti, Concetta; Motta, Oriana; Fiorillo, Rosa; Camin, Federica; Faggiano, Antonio; Proto, Antonio
Development of an analytical methodology based on stable isotope ratios for air quality assessment in cultural heritage 1-gen-2022 Pironti, C.; Ricciardi, M.; Faggiano, A.; Miele, Y.; Marchettini, N.; Proto, A.; Motta, O.
Evaluation of air pollutants in thermal-mineral springs: A case study of Agnano (Naples, Italy) and Contursi Terme (Salerno, Italy) 1-gen-2022 Pironti, C.; Ricciardi, M.; Motta, O.; Faggiano, A.; Miele, Y.; Fiorentino, A.; Cucciniello, R.; Proto, A.
Evaluation of the concentration of harmful air pollutants in a cultural heritage site by passive sampling 1-gen-2022 Ricciardi, M.; Pironti, C.; Faggiano, A.; Bergomi, A.; Comite, V.; Fermo, P.; Guglielmi, V.; Mariani, C.; Sofia, D.; Motta, O.; Proto, A.
Monitoring of the concentration of particulate matter, volatile organic compounds and nitrogen dioxide in the Vesuvius National Park 1-gen-2022 Faggiano, A.; Ricciardi, M.; Pironti, C.; Miranda, A.; Fiorentino, A.; Motta, O.; Proto, A.
Combination of foam fractionation and photo-Fenton like processes for greywater treatment 1-gen-2022 Faggiano, Antonio; Ricciardi, Maria; Fiorentino, Antonino; Cucciniello, Raffaele; Motta, Oriana; Rizzo, Luigi; Proto, Antonio
Catalytic Routes to Produce Polyphenolic Esters (PEs) from Biomass Feedstocks 1-gen-2022 Faggiano, A.; Ricciardi, M.; Proto, A.
Isotopic analysis of black crust samples from the Monza Cathedral (Italy): a preliminary study 1-gen-2023 Ricciardi, Maria; Comite, Valeria; Bergomi, Andrea; Lombardi, Chiara Andrea; Fermo, Paola; Faggiano, Antonio; Fiorentino, Antonino; Pironti, Concetta; Bontempo, Luana; Camin, Federica; Motta, Oriana; Proto, Antonio
Improving organic matter and nutrients removal and minimizing sludge production in landfill leachate pre-treatment by Fenton process through a comprehensive response surface methodology approach 1-gen-2023 Faggiano, Antonio; De Carluccio, Marco; Cerrato, Francesco; Garcia Junior, Carlos Augusto; Proto, Antonio; Fiorentino, Antonino; Rizzo, Luigi
Greywater treatment for reuse: Effect of combined foam fractionation and persulfate-iron based fenton process in the bacterial removal and degradation of organic matter and surfactants 1-gen-2023 Faggiano, A.; Ricciardi, M.; Motta, O.; Fiorentino, A.; Proto, A.
Sulphurous air pollutants and exposure events of workers in thermal-mineral springs: a case study of Contursi Terme (Salerno, Italy) 1-gen-2023 Pironti, C.; Ricciardi, M.; Motta, O.; Venier, M.; Faggiano, A.; Cucciniello, R.; Proto, A.
Integrated Anaerobic–Aerobic Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor and Biochar Adsorption for the Efficient Removal of Organic Matter and Nutrients from Brazilian Landfill Leachate 1-gen-2023 Faggiano, Antonio; Motta, Oriana; Ricciardi, Maria; Cerrato, Francesco; Garcia Junior, Carlos Augusto; Fiorentino, Antonino; Proto, Antonio
Insight on the deterioration of cultural objects: a multi-analytical approach to characterize degradation products of lead weights from a Steinway & sons piano 1-gen-2023 Faggiano, A.; Pironti, C.; Motta, O.; Miele, Y.; Fiorentino, A.; Marchettini, N.; Ricciardi, M.; Proto, A.
Photo-Fenton like process as polishing step of biologically co-treated olive mill wastewater for phenols removal 1-gen-2023 Faggiano, Antonio; DE CARLUCCIO, Marco; Fiorentino, Antonino; Ricciardi, Maria; Cucciniello, Raffaele; Proto, Antonio; Rizzo, Luigi
Assessment of some air pollutants in the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine dei Miracoli (Saronno, Italy) and first evaluation of a new axial passive sampler for nitrogen dioxide 1-gen-2024 Ricciardi, M.; Sofia, D.; Faggiano, A.; Bergomi, A.; Comite, V.; Guglielmi, V.; Fermo, P.; Proto, A.; Motta, O.
Optimizing levofloxacin decontamination in aquatic environment: Iron-modified biochar in heterogeneous Fenton processes with peroxide and persulfate 1-gen-2024 Faggiano, A.; Motta, O.; Carotenuto, M.; Ricciardi, M.; Fiorentino, A.; Proto, A.
Multiuse Polystyrene Plates for Phasing Out Single-Use Plastics: Chemical Performances and Environmental Impact Assessment Through a Life Cycle Approach 1-gen-2024 Miele, Y.; Esposito, G.; Ricciardi, M.; Faggiano, A.; Pulselli, F. M.; Marchettini, N.; Motta, O.; Proto, A.
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