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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Fluid-structure interaction modeling applied to peristaltic pump flow simulations 1-gen-2019 Formato, G.; Romano, R.; Formato, A.; Sorvari, J.; Koiranen, T.; Pellegrino, A.; Villecco, F.
Forward and inverse dynamics of a unicycle-like mobile robot 1-gen-2019 Pappalardo, C. M.; Guida, D.
A Human Error Analysis in Human–Robot Interaction Contexts: Evidence from an Empirical Study 1-gen-2023 Caterino, M.; Rinaldi, M.; Di Pasquale, V.; Greco, A.; Miranda, S.; Macchiaroli, R.
Modal Coupling in Presence of Dry Friction 1-gen-2018 DE SIMONE, MARCO CLAUDIO; Guida, Domenico
A multibody system approach for the systematic development of a closed-chain kinematic model for two-wheeled vehicles 1-gen-2021 Manrique-Escobar, C. A.; Pappalardo, C. M.; Guida, D.
Obstacle avoidance system for unmanned ground vehicles by using ultrasonic sensors 1-gen-2018 De Simone, Marco Claudio; Rivera, Zandra Betzabe; Guida, Domenico
On the Computational Methods for Solving the Differential-Algebraic Equations of Motion of Multibody Systems 1-gen-2018 Pappalardo, C. M.; Guida, D.
On the Evaluation of Errors in the Virtual Design of Mechanical Systems 1-gen-2018 Villecco, Francesco
Study of tank containers for foodstuffs 1-gen-2021 Liguori, A.; Formato, A.; Pellegrino, A.; Villecco, F.
System Identification Algorithm for Computing the Modal Parameters of Linear Mechanical Systems 1-gen-2018 Pappalardo, C. M.; Guida, D.
Unmanned ground vehicle modelling in Gazebo/ROS-based environments 1-gen-2019 Rivera, Z. B.; De Simone, M. C.; Guida, D.
Use of the Adjoint Method for Controlling the Mechanical Vibrations of Nonlinear Systems 1-gen-2018 Pappalardo, C. M.; Guida, D.
Vibration-based experimental identification of the elastic moduli using plate specimens of the olive tree 1-gen-2019 Formato, A.; Ianniello, D.; Pellegrino, A.; Villecco, F.
Mostrati risultati da 5 a 17 di 17
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