PAGANO, Sergio
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Noise Spectroscopy Investigation of Aging-Induced Degradation in Iron-Chalcogenide Superconductors, file e2915b32-4adb-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 17
Nonequilibrium fluctuations as a distinctive feature of weak localization, file e2915b31-548f-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 14
Correlation between Electronic Defect States Distribution and Device Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells, file e2915b32-dacf-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 12
Investigation of multiwalled carbon nanotube interconnection geometry and electrical characteristics of an CNT-filled aluminum microgap, file e2915b31-29e6-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 11
Detecting antiferromagnetism in tetragonal Cr2O3 by electrical measurements, file e2915b33-e367-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 10
Thermal ageing of bulk heterojunction polymer solar cells investigated by electric noise analysis, file e2915b31-27f3-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 9
A noise model for the evaluation of defect states in solar cells, file e2915b31-f4f9-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 9
Unravelling the low-temperature metastable state in perovskite solar cells by noise spectroscopy, file e2915b32-0855-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 9
Current driven transition from Abrikosov-Josephson to Josephson-like vortex in mesoscopic lateral S/S'/S superconducting weak links, file e2915b32-10ad-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 9
Noise spectroscopy as a tool for the characterization of perovskite, organic and silicon solar cells, file e2915b33-a0ff-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 9
What Can Electric Noise Spectroscopy Tell Us on the Physics of Perovskites?, file e2915b34-aaf0-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 9
Noise Spectroscopy Investigation of Interplay Between Quantum Interference Effects and Superconductivity in Infinite Layer Cuprates, file e2915b31-f659-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 8
Noise Level Comparison in Novel Superconducting Materials, file e2915b33-2c1f-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 8
Low-Power and Eco-Friendly Temperature Sensor Based on Gelatin Nanocomposite, file f84b6bef-52c9-4a40-b66d-f9e15bf27282 8
Unusual dependence of resistance and voltage noise on current in La1-xSrxMnO3 ultrathin films, file e2915b30-fd21-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 7
Experimental technique for reducing contact and background noise in voltage spectral density measurements, file e2915b30-fd60-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 7
Effect of concentration on low-frequency noise of multiwall carbon nanotubes in high-density polyethylene matrix, file e2915b31-0ebc-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 7
Electrical Noise Characterization of Epoxy/MWCNT Composites, file e2915b32-12ef-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 7
Probing Temperature-Dependent Recombination Kinetics in Polymer:Fullerene Solar Cells by Electric Noise Spectroscopy, file e2915b32-db87-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 7
Realization and Characterization of Iron-Based Superconducting Nanowires for Detector Applications, file e2915b33-2895-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 7
Comparison of the Electric Noise Properties of Novel Superconductive Materials for Electronics Applications, file e2915b33-5a6a-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 7
Current-Resistance Effects Inducing Nonlinear Fluctuation Mechanisms in Granular Aluminum Oxide Nanowires, file e2915b34-029f-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 7
Development of a Josephson junction based single photon microwave detector for axion detection experiments, file e2915b34-74ad-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 7
Josephson-Based Scheme for the Detection of Microwave Photons, file e2915b35-6294-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 7
Weak localization and 1/f noise in Nd1.83Ce0.17CuO4+δ thin films, file e2915b31-10f1-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 6
Investigation of the solvent influence on polymer–fullerene solar cells by low frequency noise spectroscopy, file e2915b31-29e7-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 6
Electric field activated nonlinear 1/f fluctuations in Fe(Te, Se) superconductors, file e2915b31-2cca-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 6
Characterization of polymer:fullerene solar cells by low-frequency noise spectroscopy, file e2915b31-2e75-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 6
Universal origin of unconventional 1/f noise in the weak-localization regime, file e2915b31-54d5-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 6
The Role of Quantum Interference Effects in Normal-State Transport Properties of Electron-Doped Cuprates, file e2915b31-a210-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 6
Evaluation of silicon, organic, and perovskite solar cell reliability with low-frequency noise spectroscopy, file e2915b33-5651-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 6
Kondo-like transport and magnetic field effect of charge carrier fluctuations in granular aluminum oxide thin films, file e2915b33-82f8-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 6
Conductivity response of amorphous oxide interfaces to pulsed light illumination, file e2915b33-a252-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 6
Iron-Based Superconducting Nanowires: Electric Transport and Voltage-Noise Properties, file e2915b34-64ec-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 6
Progress towards innovative and energy efficient logic circuits, file e2915b34-7442-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 6
Magnetotransport and magnetic properties of amorphous NdNi5 thin films, file e2915b34-8a12-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 6
Transport mechanisms in Co-doped ZnO (ZCO) and H-irradiated ZCO polycrystalline thin films, file e2915b34-dd12-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 6
Josephson Junctions as Single Microwave Photon Counters: Simulation and Characterization, file e2915b34-efb0-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 6
Effect of the substrate on the electrical transport and fluctuation processes in NbRe and NbReN ultrathin films for superconducting electronics applications, file e2915b35-152c-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 6
Epitaxial growth of La0.7Ba0.3MnO3 thin films on MgO substrates: Structural, magnetic, and transport properties, file e2915b31-0038-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Apparent volume dependence of 1/f noise in thin film structures: Role of contacts, file e2915b31-0047-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Transport and noise spectroscopy of MWCNT/HDPE composites with different nanotube concentrations, file e2915b31-0b61-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Thermal and voltage activated excess 1/f noise in FeTe0.5Se0.5 epitaxial thin films, file e2915b31-0ee4-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Uncertainties in the estimation of low frequency noise level extracted from noise spectral density measurements, file e2915b31-1373-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Electric noise properties of optimally doped Nd1.85Ce0.15CuO4 superconducting thin films, file e2915b31-1d80-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Carrier-number fluctuations in the 2-dimensional electron gas at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface, file e2915b31-2c93-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Dynamic behaviors of the charge carriers investigated by means of noise spectroscopy, file e2915b31-906c-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Universal crossover of the charge carrier fluctuation mechanism in different polymer/carbon nanotubes composites, file e2915b31-9d12-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Low-frequency electric noise spectroscopy in different polymer/carbon nanotubes composites, file e2915b31-da33-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Co-Doped BaFe2As2 Superconducting Nanowires for Detector Applications, file e2915b33-5740-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Photoconductivity in 2D electron gases at the amorphous-LGO/STO oxide interface: a dynamical analysis, file e2915b33-af7d-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Association Rules and Network Analysis for Exploring Comorbidity Patterns in Health Systems, file e2915b33-e01a-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Status of the SIMP Project: Toward the Single Microwave Photon Detection, file e2915b34-16b5-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Electric Transport in Gold-Covered Sodium–Alginate Free-Standing Foils, file e2915b34-a33e-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Analysis of Josephson junctions switching time distributions for the detection of single microwave photons, file e2915b35-03e5-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Development of Quantum Limited Superconducting Amplifiers for Advanced Detection, file e2915b35-24af-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Single microwave photon counter based on current-biased Josephson junction, file e2915b35-272c-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Investigation of Resonant Activation in a Josephson Junction for Axion Search With Microwave Single Photon Detection, file e2915b35-5b22-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Charge density waves enhance the electronic noise of manganites, file e2915b31-09a6-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
Spin-polarized current effects in disordered La0.7Ba0.3MnO3 half-metal thin films, file e2915b31-1019-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
Comment on "A case study on the scaling of 1/f noise: La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 thin films" [J. Appl. Phys. 113, 094901 (2013)], file e2915b31-2963-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
Data mining and analysis of comorbidity networks from practioner prescriptions, file e2915b33-77fc-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
Unconventional magnetic field effect on noise properties of AlOx thin films in Kondo-like transport regime, file e2915b33-a9df-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
Bimodal Approach for Noise Figures of Merit Evaluation in Quantum-Limited Josephson Traveling Wave Parametric Amplifiers, file e2915b35-1e70-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
Analysis of Thermal and Quantum Escape Times of Josephson Junctions for Signal Detection, file e2915b35-3e4e-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
Analysis of Josephson Junction Lifetimes for the Detection of Single Photons in a Thermal Noise Background, file e2915b35-7935-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
Electrical conduction and noise spectroscopy of sodium-alginate gold-covered ultrathin films for flexible green electronics, file e2915b35-d0bb-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
Prescribing Behavior of General Practitioners for Generic Drugs, file e2915b34-8522-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 3
Network analysis of drug prescriptions, file e2915b31-187a-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Large area single photon detectors based on parallel configuration NbN nanowires, file e2915b31-194b-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Characterization of superconducting pulse discriminators based on parallel NbN nanostriplines, file e2915b31-1d81-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Nano-Strip Three-Terminal Superconducting Device for Cryogenic Detector Readout, file e2915b31-1ef6-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Nonlinear Conductivity Fluctuations in Fe-Chalcogenide Superconductors, file e2915b32-e34f-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
General Practitioners Records Are Epidemiological Predictors of Comorbidities: An Analytical Cross-Sectional 10-Year Retrospective Study, file e2915b33-5e34-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Author Correction: Kondo-like transport and magnetic field effect of charge carrier fluctuations in granular aluminum oxide thin films, file e2915b33-842c-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Bone metabolism in patients with type 1 neurofibromatosis: key role of sun exposure and physical activity, file 0d52eac2-f4ef-4a1c-9b4d-1d055fa20b47 1
Superconductive Three-Terminal Amplifier/Discriminator, file e2915b31-0393-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Maximum count rate of large area superconducting single photon detectors, file e2915b31-09a9-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Thicker, more efficient superconducting strip-line detectors for high throughput macromolecules analysis, file e2915b31-0ee3-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Superconducting nano-striplines as quantum detectors, file e2915b31-1372-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Parallel Superconducting Strip-Line Detectors for Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry, file e2915b31-13cf-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Fabrication and test of Superconducting Single Photon Detectors, file e2915b31-13d0-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Experimental estimation of the hot spot size in Nb-based Josephson tunnel junctions using Abrikosov vortices, file e2915b31-13d4-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Influence of a NbN overlayer on Nb/Al–AlOx/Nb high quality Josephson tunnel junctions for x-ray detection, file e2915b31-13da-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Nb-based Josephson junction devices for nuclear radiation detection: Design and preliminary experimental results, file e2915b31-13de-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
A 2 × 2 mm2superconducting strip-line detector for high-performance time-of-flight mass spectrometry, file e2915b31-194a-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Recent developments of CERN RD39 cryogenic tracking detectors collaboration, file e2915b31-19fe-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Cryogenic Si detectors for ultra radiation hardness in SLHC environment, file e2915b31-19ff-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Effect of surface losses on soliton propagation in Josephson junctions, file e2915b31-1ec4-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Automatic recording of direct current singularity amplitudes in Josephson junctions, file e2915b31-1ec6-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
The Drug Prescription Process: A Network Medicine Approach, file e2915b31-2cc3-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Temperature-dependent electric noise level in different iron-based superconductors, file e2915b34-b35a-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Probing transport mechanisms of BaFe2As2 superconducting films and grain boundary junctions by noise spectroscopy, file e2915b34-bae1-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
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