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Nome #
Comparative gene expression profiling reveals partially overlapping but distinct genomic actions of different antiestrogens in human breast cancer cells., file e2915b31-1030-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 18
Identification of Genes Selectively Regulated in Human Hepatoma Cells by Treatment With Dyslipidemic Sera and PUFAs, file e2915b31-5fb9-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 12
Targeted molecular profiling of epithelial ovarian cancer from Italian BRCA wild-type patients with a BRCA and PARP pathways gene panel, file 131675d6-4597-4f6e-a819-a2eecf5d7170 7
ABCA1, TCF7, NFATC1, PRKCZ, and PDGFA DNA methylation as potential epigenetic-sensitive targets in acute coronary syndrome via network analysis, file e2915b34-eac2-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 7
Whole-genome sequencing of Pseudomonas sp. TAE6080, a strain capable of inhibiting Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilm, file e2915b35-6f65-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 7
Rapid and sensitive detection of SARS-CoV-2 variants in nasopharyngeal swabs and wastewaters, file e2915b35-7d45-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 7
In vitro CSC-derived cardiomyocytes exhibit the typical microRNA-mRNA blueprint of endogenous cardiomyocytes, file e2915b35-6f67-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 6
Identification of cytoplasmic proteins interacting with unliganded estrogen receptor α and β in human breast cancer cells, file e2915b31-5f5e-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
WIND (Workflow for pIRNAs aNd beyonD): a strategy for in-depth analysis of small RNA-seq data, file e2915b34-f17a-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
DNMT3A epigenetically regulates key microRNAs involved in epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in prostate cancer, file e2915b35-4b41-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Molecular bases of copper and iron deficiency-associated dyslipidemia: a microarray analysis of the rat intestinal transcriptome., file e2915b31-1039-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
Global Analysis of Estrogen Receptor Beta Binding to Breast Cancer Cell Genome Reveals Extensive Interplay with Estrogen Receptor Alpha for Target Gene Regulation., file e2915b31-103e-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
Expression of c-jun acts is not mandatory for mouse hepatocyte proliferation induced by two ligands of nuclear receptors: TCPOBOP and T3., file e2915b31-1041-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
Insights into the Role of Estrogen Receptor β in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, file e2915b34-75b0-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
HOME-BIO (sHOtgun MEtagenomic analysis of BIOlogical entities): a specific and comprehensive pipeline for metagenomic shotgun sequencing data analysis, file e2915b34-d31e-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
Histone Methyltransferase DOT1L as a Promising Epigenetic Target for Treatment of Solid Tumors, file e2915b35-4d25-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
Whole-Exome Sequencing Revealed New Candidate Genes for Human Dilated Cardiomyopathy, file 46e6b7bb-639d-438e-afe7-dff5754a0a4d 3
MicroRNA (miRNA) and piwi-interacting RNA (piRNA) signature of human primary bronchial epithelial cells (PBEC) after exposure to mainstream cigarette smoke (MCS), file e2915b32-83f3-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 3
Specific gene expression signatures induced by the multiple oncogenic alterations that occur within the PTEN/PI3K/AKT pathway in lung cancer, file e2915b33-8cb5-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 3
DNA methylation dynamic of bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells after allogeneic transplantation, file e2915b33-ac2b-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 3
Identification of Antiestrogen-Bound Estrogen Receptor α Interactomes in Hormone-Responsive Human Breast Cancer Cell Nuclei, file e2915b34-8d51-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 3
Maternal pre-pregnancy overweight and neonatal gut bacterial colonization are associated with cognitive development and gut microbiota composition in pre-school-age offspring, file e2915b35-463d-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 3
Tumor-selective action of HDAC inhibitors involves TRAIL induction in acute myeloid leukaemia cells., file e2915b31-102e-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Estrogen Receptor α Controls a Gene Network in Luminal-like Breast Cancer Cells Comprising Multiple Transcription Factors and microRNAs., file e2915b31-1036-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
A large set of estrogen receptor beta-interacting proteins identified by tandem affinity purification in hormone-responsive human breast cancer cells nuclei., file e2915b31-103d-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Comparative analysis of nuclear estrogen receptor alpha and beta interactomes in breast cancer cells., file e2915b31-1040-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Lack of pathogenic mutations in six patients with MMPSI., file e2915b31-286f-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Effect of low frequency (LF) electric fields on gene expression of a bone human cell line., file e2915b31-2cb3-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
The RNA-Binding Protein SYNCRIP Is a Component of the Hepatocyte Exosomal Machinery Controlling MicroRNA Sorting, file e2915b32-1199-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
PDGFR-alpha inhibits melanoma growth via CXCL10/IP-10: a multi-omics approach, file e2915b32-659e-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
miR-196a Is Able to Restore the Aggressive Phenotype of Annexin A1 Knock-Out in Pancreatic Cancer Cells by CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing, file e2915b33-5e1c-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Interaction Proteomics Identifies ERbeta Association with Chromatin Repressive Complexes to Inhibit Cholesterol Biosynthesis and Exert An Oncosuppressive Role in Triple-negative Breast Cancer, file e2915b33-f252-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Global View of Candidate Therapeutic Target Genes in Hormone-Responsive Breast Cancer, file e2915b34-767f-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants in Italy, October 2020–March 2021, file e2915b35-6216-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Combinatorial targeting of a chromatin complex comprising Dot1L, menin and the tyrosine kinase BAZ1B reveals a new therapeutic vulnerability of endocrine therapy-resistant breast cancer, file 2066f48b-849f-4ddb-b2ca-54b5dfa0508f 1
Transcriptomic profiling of calcified aortic valves in clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential carriers, file 52546750-684e-4e9e-b8ef-ffea662b8998 1
Dynamics of nasopharyngeal tract phageome and association with disease severity and age of patients during three waves of COVID-1, file 68099884-38b5-4ece-9071-ade7074bb641 1
Enhanced ZNF521 expression induces an aggressive phenotype in human ovarian carcinoma cell lines, file 8b95d5ab-e4bd-4f52-adcb-c2f4ff624695 1
Targeted inhibition of ubiquitin signaling reverses metabolic reprogramming and suppresses glioblastoma growth, file 8c01fa04-1c40-4652-b5c3-0ac217de9631 1
Influence of estrogens and antiestrogens on the expression of selected hormone-responsive genes., file e2915b31-1031-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Identification of a hormone-regulated dynamic actin network associated with estrogen receptor alpha in human breast cancer cell nuclei., file e2915b31-1037-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
DNMT3B mutations in ICF syndrome are associated to epigenetic alterations of microRNAs having targets involved in immune function., file e2915b31-103a-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
A combinatorial approach to gene expression analysis: DNA microarrays., file e2915b31-10a4-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Effects of Oestrogen on MicroRNA Expression in Hormone-Responsive Breast Cancer Cells, file e2915b31-1246-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Effect of LF Electric Fields on Gene Expression of Bone Cultured Cells, file e2915b31-1b0d-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Genome-wide analysis of unliganded estrogen receptor binding sites in breast cancer cells., file e2915b31-2452-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Leptin as a Mediator of Tumor-Stromal Interactions Promotes Breast Cancer Stem Cell Activity., file e2915b31-cb11-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
The AKT/IL-6/STAT3 pathway regulates growth of lung tumor initiating cells., file e2915b31-cb13-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Specific patterns of PIWI-interacting small noncoding RNA expression in dysplastic liver nodules and hepatocellular carcinoma, file e2915b32-4c78-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
DNA methylation variations are required for epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition induced by cancer-associated fibroblasts in prostate cancer cells, file e2915b32-d221-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
The nuclear receptor ERβ engages AGO2 in regulation of gene transcription, RNA splicing and RISC loading, file e2915b32-d5e8-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Quantitative mapping of RNA-mediated nuclear Estrogen Receptor β interactome in human breast cancer cells, file e2915b33-2537-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Relations of gut liver axis components and gut microbiota in obese children with fatty liver: A pilot study, file e2915b33-74f3-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Inhibition of histone methyltransferase DOT1L silences ER gene and blocks proliferation of antiestrogen-resistant breast cancer cells, file e2915b33-9e62-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
The RNA-mediated estrogen receptor α interactome of hormone-dependent human breast cancer cell nuclei, file e2915b33-c204-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Summary of the International Conference on Onco-Nephrology: an emerging field in medicine, file e2915b33-cc6f-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
The Histone Methyltransferase DOT1L Is a Functional Component of Estrogen Receptor Alpha Signaling in Ovarian Cancer Cells, file e2915b33-dd48-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Molecular and Functional Characterization of the Somatic PIWIL1/piRNA Pathway in Colorectal Cancer Cells, file e2915b33-dd4a-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Combinatorial targeting of menin and the histone methyltransferase DOT1L as a novel therapeutic strategy for treatment of chemotherapy-resistant ovarian cancer, file f282a5b5-f660-45a7-8029-6ce93ae5e019 1
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