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Frustrated phase separation in two-dimensional charged systems 1-gen-2006 Ortix, C.; Lorenzana, J.; Di Castro, C.
Strong coupling anomalous dimensions of N=4 super Yang-Mills 1-gen-2006 Beccaria, Matteo; Ortix, Carmine
Screening effects in Coulomb-frustrated phase separation 1-gen-2007 Ortix, C.; Lorenzana, J.; Beccaria, M.; Di Castro, C.
AdS/CFT duality at strong coupling 1-gen-2007 Beccaria, M.; Ortix, C.
Competing orders in FeAs layers 1-gen-2008 Lorenzana, J.; Seibold, G.; Ortix, C.; Grilli, M.
Coarse grained models in Coulomb frustrated phase separation 1-gen-2008 Ortix, C.; Lorenzana, J.; Di Castro, C.
Coulomb-frustrated phase separation phase diagram in systems with short-range negative compressibility 1-gen-2008 Ortix, C.; Lorenzana, J.; Di Castro, C.
Universality classes for Coulomb frustrated phase separation 1-gen-2009 Ortix, C.; Lorenzana, J.; Di Castro, C.
Effect of curvature on the electronic structure and bound-state formation in rolled-up nanotubes 1-gen-2010 Ortix, Carmine; Van Den Brink, Jeroen
Absence of anomalous couplings in the quantum theory of constrained electrically charged particles 1-gen-2011 Ortix, Carmine; Van Den Brink, Jeroen
Proximity of iron pnictide superconductors to a quantum tricritical point 1-gen-2011 Giovannetti, Gianluca; Ortix, Carmine; Marsman, Martijn; Capone, Massimo; Van Den Brink, Jeroen; Lorenzana, José
Defect formation preempts dynamical symmetry breaking in closed quantum systems 1-gen-2011 Ortix, Carmine; Rijnbeek, Jorrit; Van Den Brink, Jeroen
Curvature-induced geometric potential in strain-driven nanostructures 1-gen-2011 Ortix, Carmine; Kiravittaya, Suwit; Schmidt, Oliver G.; Van Den Brink, Jeroen
Microscopic origin of large negative magnetoelectric coupling in Sr 1/2Ba 1/2MnO 3 1-gen-2012 Giovannetti, Gianluca; Kumar, Sanjeev; Ortix, Carmine; Capone, Massimo; Van Den Brink, Jeroen
Graphene on incommensurate substrates: Trigonal warping and emerging Dirac cone replicas with halved group velocity 1-gen-2012 Ortix, Carmine; Yang, Liping; Van Den Brink, Jeroen
Universal recovery of the energy-level degeneracy of bright excitons in ingaas quantum dots without a structure symmetry 1-gen-2012 Trotta, R.; Zallo, E.; Ortix, C.; Atkinson, P.; Plumhof, J. D.; Van Den Brink, J.; Rastelli, A.; Schmidt, O. G.
Fundamental differences between quantum spin hall edge states at zigzag and armchair terminations of honeycomb and ruby nets 1-gen-2013 Cano-Cortés, Laura; Ortix, Carmine; Van Den Brink, Jeroen
Quantum collapses and revivals of matter wave in dynamics of symmetry breaking 1-gen-2013 Kirtschig, Frank; Rijnbeek, Jorrit; Van Den Brink, Jeroen; Ortix, Carmine
Stacked topological insulator built from bismuth-based graphene sheet analogues 1-gen-2013 Rasche, Bertold; Isaeva, Anna; Ruck, Michael; Borisenko, Sergey; Zabolotnyy, Volodymyr; Buechner, Bernd; Koepernik, Klaus; Ortix, Carmine; Richter, Manuel; van den Brink, Jeroen
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 68
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