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Mixed state properties of iron based Fe(Se,Te) superconductor fabricated by Bridgman and by self-flux methods, file e2915b33-7e87-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 5
Speed limit to the Abrikosov lattice in mesoscopic superconductors, file e2915b31-8d77-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
DC magnetic characterization and pinning analysis on Nd1.85Ce0.15CuO4 cuprate superconductor, file e2915b33-950e-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 4
Magnetic pinning in a superconducting film by a ferromagnetic layer with stripe domains, file e2915b33-31c9-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 3
Granularity and vortex dynamics in LaFeAsO0.92F0.08 probed by harmonicsof the ac magnetic susceptibility, file e2915b33-3021-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Evaluation of the intragrain critical current density in a multidomain FeSe crystal by means of dc magnetic measurements, file e2915b33-35f5-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Critical current and flux dynamics in Ag-doped FeSe superconductor, file e2915b33-35f6-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Evidence of pinning crossover and the role of twin boundaries in the peak effect in FeSeTe iron based superconductor, file e2915b33-35f8-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Magnetic relaxation of type-II superconductors in a mixed state of entrapped and shielded flux, file e2915b33-39c8-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Pinning energy and anisotropy properties of a Fe(Se,Te) iron based superconductor, file e2915b33-a42b-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Influence of citric acid and oleic acid coating on the dc magnetic properties of Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles, file e2915b33-faae-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Competition between intrinsic and extrinsic effects in the quenching of the superconducting state in Fe(Se,Te) thin films, file e2915b34-eaaa-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 2
Multiferroic single crystals with layered structure in Pb-Mn-Ni-Ti-O system – growth and investigation of their properties, file e2915b33-2478-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Grain geometry effect on the magnetic properties of a granular iron-based superconductor LaFeAsO1−xFx, file e2915b33-3022-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Detection of the flux creep regime in the AC susceptibility curves by using higher harmonic response, file e2915b33-31b9-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Response of Glass and Liquid Phases in the Vortex lattice to an external AC magnetic field at different frequencies, file e2915b33-31bc-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Toward intrinsic functionalities of bilayered ruthenate Sr3Ru2O7, file e2915b33-31c7-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Investigation of the vortex dynamics of Fe(1.02)Se crystals by fundamental and 3-rd harmonic AC magnetic susceptibility analysis, file e2915b33-31cb-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Demagnetization harmonic effects on the magnetization of granular systems on a macroscopic scale: The superconducting case, file e2915b33-32da-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Third harmonics of the AC magnetic susceptibility: a method for the study of flux dynamics in high temperature superconductors, file e2915b33-39c6-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Transition between the Bragg glass and the disordered phase in Nb3Sn detected by third harmonics of the ac magnetic susceptibility., file e2915b33-39ca-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Temperature dependence of the low-field magnetization of granular superconductors, file e2915b33-4528-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Determination of the Transition Temperature of a Weak Ferromagnetic Thin Film by Means of an Evolution of the Method Based on the Arrott Plots, file e2915b33-46ff-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Frequency behavior of the AC magnetic response in LaFeAsO0.92F0.08 bulk and powders, file e2915b33-4701-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Effects of the Third Harmonic Demagnetization Field on the ac Losses of a Granular FeSeTe Superconductor in ac Field, file e2915b33-65d2-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Improvements of high-field pinning properties of polycrystalline Fe(Se,Te) material by heat treatments, file e2915b33-8f47-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Weak or Strong Anisotropy in Fe(Se,Te) Superconducting Thin Films Made of Layered Iron-Based Material?, file e2915b33-982f-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Harmonic AC magnetic susceptibility analysis of FeSe crystals with composite morphology, file e2915b33-ab77-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Transport properties and high upper critical field of a Fe(Se,Te) iron based superconductor, file e2915b33-b300-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Second Magnetization Peak Effect in a Fe(Se,Te) iron based superconductor, file e2915b33-ba4d-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Vortex lattice instability at the nanoscale in a parallel magnetic field, file e2915b33-da16-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Influence of the interaction between the inter- and intragranular magnetic responses in the analysis of the ac susceptibility of a granular FeSe0.5Te0.5 superconductor, file e2915b34-2c57-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Anisotropy effects on the quenching current of Fe(Se,Te) Thin Films, file e2915b34-353e-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
Magnetic field sweep rate influence on the critical current capabilities of a Fe(Se,Te) crystal, file e2915b34-afaf-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
A precursor mechanism triggering the second magnetization peak phenomenon in superconducting materials, file e2915b35-0aef-8981-e053-6605fe0a83a3 1
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