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Nome #
Irreversible low field flux penetration in sintered superconducting systems 133
Diamagnetic response of a very simple superconducting granular system 132
Enhancement of critical temperature up to 100 K of YBCO ozone annealed pellets by deuterium absorption 129
Toward intrinsic functionalities of bilayered ruthenate Sr3Ru2O7 121
Paramagnetic field cooled susceptibility in superconducting loops with Josephson junctions 121
Modified Arrhenius formula for the time decay of magnetic states in type II superconductors 118
Penetration depth of high-Tc superconductors in the low-field reversible regime 117
Nonuniversal temperature dependencies of the low-frequency ac magnetic susceptibility in high-T-c superconductors 115
Squid operation with ferromagnetic core superconducting d.c. transformers 115
Third harmonics of the AC magnetic susceptibility: a method for the study of flux dynamics in high temperature superconductors 113
AC susceptibility study of YBCO sintered samples near the transition temperature 112
An approximate analysis of the I-V characteristic of zero field singularities in long Josephson junction 111
An analysis of the validity limits of the current approaches for superconducting granular systems 111
Magnetic pinning in a superconducting film by a ferromagnetic layer with stripe domains 111
Transition between the Bragg glass and the disordered phase in Nb3Sn detected by third harmonics of the ac magnetic susceptibility. 107
Phase shift effects on the I-V characteristics of zero-field current in long Josephson junctions 106
Weak ferromagnetic fluctuations in GdSr2RuCu2O8 compound 104
Cole-Cole plots of the 1st and the 3rd harmonics of the AC susceptibility for the study of dissipative phenomena in type II superconductors 104
Time decay of the magnetic properties of type-II superconductors in the presence of large pinning centers 103
Low-field diamagnetic characteristics of sintered high Tc superconductors 102
Irreversible dynamics of Abrikosov vortices in type-two superconductors 101
Superconducting properties of YBaCuO/Pb bulk junctions by tunnel spectroscopy 101
AC magnetic susceptibility measurements near the superconducting transition temperature of YBCO sintered samples 100
Simplified Josephson junction arrays as models of granular superconductors 99
Superconducting Vortex‐Antivortex Pairs: Nucleation and Confinement in Magnetically Coupled Superconductor‐Ferromagnet Hybrids 99
Tunneling and thin films in YBa2Cu3O7- oxide superconductor 97
Additional Non Equilibrium Processes in the Dynamic Interaction between Flux Quanta and Defects 96
Nb3Sn single crystals, polycrystals and multifilamentary wires: common and different features in the magnetic response 96
Supercritical Antisolvent Precipitation:A New Technique for Preparing Submicronic Yttrium Powders to Improve YBCO Superconductors 96
Speed limit to the Abrikosov lattice in mesoscopic superconductors 96
Zero-field singularities in Josephson tunnel junctions of intermediate length 95
Magnetic field penetration in superconducting granular systems 95
Stability Mechanisms of High Current Transport in Iron-Chalcogenide Superconducting Films 95
Vortex pinning properties in Fe-chalcogenides 95
Directional solidification of bulk (Y,Sm,Nd) 1Ba2 CU3O7-X 94
Critical fields of high-Tc superconducting granular systems 94
Harmonics of the AC susceptibility as probes to differentiate the various creep models 93
Flux pinning barriers in two-dimensional arrays of short Josepsson junctions 93
Bifurcation theory and order of phase transition for proximity effect sandwiches 93
Voltage induced variations of the tunnel barrier in Nb/Pb junction 93
Effect of the amplitude of the AC magnetic field on the vortex dynamics: a quantitative analysis in Nb and NbTi polycrystalline samples. 92
Thermal treatments and evolution of bulk Nd_1.85Ce_0.15CuO_4 morphology 92
Analysis of the capacitive coupling of Josephson transmissions lines 92
Fabrication of melt textured YBCO samples 92
Hysteretic effects in the D.C. current-voltage characteristic of normal Nb/Pb tunnel junctions 92
Voltage current analysis in YBa2Cu3O7-delta/CeO2/NiO/Ni89V11 structure 91
Quantum interference phenomena between long Josephson junctions 91
Shielding currents influence on intergranular coupling in high Tc superconductors 91
First results about hydrogen loading by means of pulsed electrolysis of Y1Ba2Cu3O7 pellets 91
Non-linear magnetic response of MgB2 bulk superconductors 90
Study of the influence of the processing rate on the directionally solidified YBaCuO Melt Textured 90
Some remarks on the phase diagram of a magnetic-normal magnetic proximity sandwiches 90
Pulsed laser deposition: analysis and deposition of SmBaCuO films 89
Magnetic relaxation in MgB2 monofilamentary tapes 89
Experimental check of non linear effects in Al thin films close to Tc 89
Detection of the flux dynamical regimes in Bi4O4S3 by multiharmonic AC susceptibility 89
A Study of Current Stability in the Dissipative Flux Flow State of Superconducting Films 89
Controlling flux flow dissipation by changing flux pinning in superconducting films 88
Positive field-cooled dc susceptibility in granular superconductors interpreted through numerical simulations on a simple Josephson-junction-array model 88
Flux distribution and critical currents in a one dimensional row of a Josephson junction square lattice 87
Critical current and flux dynamics in Ag-doped FeSe superconductor 86
A d.c. biased microwave operating S.Q.U.I.D 86
Temperature dependence of the low-field magnetization of granular superconductors 85
Further measurement on electrolytic cold fusion with D20 and Palladium at Gran Sasso Laboratory 85
d.c. current singularities in long Josephson tunnel junctions: approximate solutions of the sine-Gordon equations with loss and bias 85
Neutron diffraction study of triple-layered Sr4Ru3O10 85
Fabrication and Characterization of Sintered Iron-Chalcogenide Superconductors 85
An EXAFS study of RuSr_2GdCu_2O_8 : Evidence of magnetoelastic coupling 84
Analysis of coupling losses in multifilamentary untwisted BSCCO/Ag tapes through a.c. susceptibility measurements 83
Voltage-current characteristics of c-axis oriented YBa2Cu3O7-delta films deposited by dc sputtering 83
Frequency behavior of the AC magnetic response in LaFeAsO0.92F0.08 bulk and powders 83
Magnetic relaxation and magnetic instability in MgB2 monofilamentary tapes 83
Magnetic field penetration in niobium and vanadium based Josephson junctions 83
Improvements of sintered YBCO samples by citrate pyrolysis and ozone annealing 83
Critical current in Josephson junction arrays 83
Thickness dependence of vortex critical velocity in wide Nb films 82
Voltage induced instabilities of the tunnel barrier Nb/Pb junctions 82
Hysteretic and ac dynamic losses of high Tc superconductors by numerical solution of the nonlinear magnetic diffusion equation 82
Crystal growth of lamellar Sr_3Ru_2O_7-Sr_4Ru_3O_10 81
Dynamical States in Long Josephson Junctions 81
R.F. driven long Josephson junctions 81
Influence of the interaction between the inter- and intragranular magnetic responses in the analysis of the ac susceptibility of a granular FeSe0.5Te0.5 superconductor 81
Effects of oxygenation processes on (Nd,Gd)-Sr2RuCu2Ox synthesis 80
Magnetic instability in MgB2 monofilamentary tapes. 80
Electron backscattering diffraction and X-ray diffraction studies of interface relationships in Sr3Ru2O7/Sr2RuO4 eutectic crystals 80
Magnetic field dependence of the voltage output of Josephson junctions current-biased on Fiske steps 80
dc transport properties in GdSr2RuCu2O8 compound 79
Top Seeding Growth and Microstucture of Large Grain Nd123/422 Superconductors 79
Granularity and vortex dynamics in LaFeAsO0.92F0.08 probed by harmonicsof the ac magnetic susceptibility 79
Dynamic ordering and instability of the vortex lattice in Nb films exhibiting moderately strong pinning 79
Critical state in Josephson junction arrays as models of a bi-dimensional superconducting granular system 79
Supercurrent vs. magnetic field characteristic of two dimensional Josephson tunnel junctions 79
Flux Dynamics and Critical State in YBCO by AC Harmonic Susceptibility 79
Frequency dependence of susceptibility higher harmonics in YBCO samples by numerical solutions of the non linear magnetic flux diffusion equation 79
Effects of impurities addition in MgB2/Nb tapes on flux jumps instability and critical current density 79
Hysteresis losses in BSCCO(2223)/Ag multifilamentary tapes 78
Detection of the flux creep regime in the AC susceptibility curves by using higher harmonic response 78
Crystal structure and morphology of a novel triple perovskite-type material 78
Superconductivity in Sr_2RuO_4-Sr_3Ru_2O_7 eutectic crystals 78
Analysis of ac transport measurements on GdSr2RuCu2O8 77
Totale 9260
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