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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Influence of 1,3-diethers on the stereospecificity of propene polymerization by supported Ziegler-Natta catalysts. A theoretical investigation on their adsorption on (110) and (100) lateral Cuts of MgCl2 platelets 1-gen-2000 Toto, M; Morini, G; Guerra, Gaetano; Corradini, P; Cavallo, Luigi
Influence of p-ligand substitutions on the regiospecificity and stereospecificity in isospecific zirconocenes for propene polymerization. A molecular mechanics analysis. 1-gen-1998 Toto, M.; Cavallo, L.; Corradini, P.; Moscardi, G.; Resconi, L.; Guerra, Gaetano
Influence of Polymer Bidispersity on the Effective Particle-Particle Interactions in Polymer Nanocomposites 1-gen-2019 Munao, G.; De Nicola, A.; Muller-Plathe, F.; Kawakatsu, T.; Kalogirou, A.; Milano, G.
Influence of the initial morphology on the elasticity of oriented syndiotactic polypropylene 1-gen-2004 Guadagno, Liberata; D'Aniello, Concetta; Naddeo, Carlo; Vittoria, Vittoria; STEFANO VALDO, Meille
Intercalate Co-Crystals of Syndiotactic Polystyrene with Benzyl methacrylate and Radiation-Induced Guest Polymerization 1-gen-2010 D'Aniello, Concetta; Daniele, Dondi; Antonio, Faucitano; Guerra, Gaetano
Interfering Effects of Growing Chain Epimerization on Metallocene-Catalyzed Isotactic Propene Polymerization 1-gen-1997 Vincenzo, Busico; Diego, Brita; Caporaso, Lucia; Roberta, Cipullo; Michele, Vacatello
Iron complexes of bis(oxazoline) ligand as novel catalysts for efficient Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of styrene. 1-gen-2007 Rossella, Ferro; Milione, Stefano; Valerio, Bertolasi; Capacchione, Carmine; Grassi, Alfonso
Isotactic Polymerization of Propene - Homogeneous Catalysts Based On Group-4 Metallocenes Without Methylalumoxane 1-gen-1989 A., Zambelli; Longo, Pasquale; Grassi, Alfonso
Isotactic-Specific Polymerization of Propene by a C-s-Symmetric Zirconium(IV) Complex Bearing a Dianionic Tridentate [-NNN-] Amidomethylpyrrolidepyridine Ligand 1-gen-2009 Annunziata, Liana; Pappalardo, D; Tedesco, Consiglia; Pellecchia, Claudio
Isotactic-specific Polymerization of Propene With Supported Catalysts In the Presence of Different Modifiers 1-gen-1990 Proto, Antonio; Oliva, Leone; Pellecchia, Claudio; A. J., Sivak; L. A., Cullo
Isothermal guest desorption from crystalline and amorphous phases of syndiotactic polystyrene 1-gen-1999 P., Musto; M., Manzari; Guerra, Gaetano
Isothermal Nanocalorimetry of Isotactic Polypropylene 1-gen-2007 DE SANTIS, Felice; Adamovsky, S; Titomanlio, Giuseppe; Schick, C.
Layers of Close-Packed Alternated Enantiomorphous Helices and the Three Different Uniplanar Orientations of Syndiotactic Polystyrene. 1-gen-2008 Albunia, Alexandra Romina; Rizzo, Paola; Tarallo, O; Petraccone, V; Guerra, Gaetano
Living Ring-Opening Homo- and Copolymerization of epsilon-Caprolactone and L- and D,L-Lactides by Dimethyl(salicylaldiminato)aluminum Compounds 1-gen-2009 Pappalardo, D; Annunziata, Liana; Pellecchia, Claudio
Living, Isoselective Polymerization of 4-Methyl-1,3-pentadiene and Styrenic Monomers and Synthesis of Highly Stereoregular Block Copolymers via Sequential Monomer Addition 1-gen-2011 Capacchione, Carmine; Daniela, Saviello; Ricciardi, Rosa; Proto, Antonio
Living, Isoselective Polymerization of Styrene and Formation of Stereoregular Block Copolymers via Sequential Monomer Addition 1-gen-2010 Proto, Antonio; Antonietta, Avagliano; Daniela, Saviello; Ricciardi, Rosa; Capacchione, Carmine
Macroinorganics. 7. Property-structure relationships for polymeric bases whose monomeric units behave independently toward protonation 1-gen-1981 R., Barbucci; M., Casolaro; P., Ferruti; V., Barone; F., Lelj; Oliva, Leone
Mechanism of Insertion Polymerization of Allyl Ethers 1-gen-2018 Wimmer, Florian P.; Caporaso, Lucia; Cavallo, Luigi; Mecking, Stefan; Falivene, Laura
Mechanism of isoprene and butadiene polymerization in the presence of CpTiCl3-MAO initiator: A theoretical study 1-gen-1997 Peluso, Andrea; R., Improta; A., Zambelli
Mostrati risultati da 91 a 110 di 238
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