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Analysis of gene expression modulation by exposure to low frequency (LF) electric fields 114
Induction of alkaline phosphatase activity by exposure of human cell lines to a low frequency (LF) electric field from apparatuses used in clinical therapies. 107
LF electric fields exposure of bone cultured cells. Effects on gene expression 95
Leaky wave coupling between open waveguides and lossy media 94
Effect of low frequency (LF) electric fields on gene expression of a bone human cell line. 94
Response of Nonlinear Cell Membranes to Noisy EM Fields 92
Program for automatic ray-tracing and path-loss evaluation of radio links over 2D-piecewise linear terrain profiles 91
RF energy and environment protection. Disinfestations of ancient walls 91
Microwave treatment of Streptomyces coelicolor. Preliminary results 89
An analytic model for the response of an excitable cell with a nonlinear Hodgkin-Huxley membrane radiated by a stochastic electromagnetic field 88
Effect of LF Electric Fields on Gene Expression of Bone Cultured Cells 88
The environmental impact of R.F. Electromagnetic Fields in Italy: management of scientific and social aspects 86
Evaluation of Biological Effects induced in Cattle living near Electromagnetic Sources 86
Combining Critical Discourse Analysis and NLP tools in investigations of religious prose 84
Non linear interaction of electromagnetic radiation at cell membrane level: response to stochastic fields 83
An innovative microwave system for wood art object disinfestations. Experimental results 82
“Capacitive coupling system” exposure. Evaluation of electric field in spine 82
Exposure of HEPG2 cell cultures to lf electromagnetic fields. Evaluation of alkaline phosphatase 80
A customizable spinal column CAD model. Electrical stimulation and fracture treatment simulation 80
Cytogenetic Observations on Thymidine Synchronized Bovine Lymphocytes Exposed to 7.25 GHz Microwaves 80
Exposure of Human Cell Lines to Capacitive Coupled Electric Field. Effects on Alkaline Phosphatase Activity 80
Electroporation of bone cancer: numerical evaluation of the electric field in treated tissues 80
Tecnologie THz per i beni culturali presso l’ENEA 79
An innovative microwave system for wood art object disinfestations, 78
Multilayer Resonators with Fractal Morphology for Microwave Heating 78
Nonlinear response of a Hodgkin-Huxley excitable cell to a wideband noisy EM field 76
Innovative Systems for Cultural Heritage Conservation. Millimeter Wave Application for Non-invasive Monitoring and Treatment of Works of Art 76
Devitalizzazione di biodeteriogeni su campioni di tufo. Trattamento a microonde: risalita capillare ed esalazione di Radon 76
Analysis of textual data in significant documents. Some important words about electromagnetic pollution 74
Exposure of cell culture to LF electric fields. Induction of alkaline phosphatase activity 74
Workers exposure. Directive 2004/40/EC of the European Parliament 74
MW treatment of wooden handicrafts. The restoration of San Leone Magno statue 72
People exposure to emf in italy. Monitoring network, risk perception and communication process 71
Leaky wave structures for microwave hyperthermia and radiometry 71
Exposure of Streptomyces coelicolor to extremely low frequency magnetic field. Prelimary results. 70
The numeric simulation of the electrical field on bone with capacitively coupled electrical stimulation 69
Pest control treatment in the microwave reverberation chamber Mi.Sy.A.: the case of the wooden polychrome statue representing Leone Magno 69
Trattamento a microonde di beni culturali. Tecniche di predizione di riscaldamento 69
Leaky-Wave Applications for Microwave Processing 68
MW Disinfestations of Works of Art. Spectroscopic and Diffractometric Analysis 67
Exposure of Seeds to ELF MF. Effects on Germination and Growth. Preliminary Results 67
Reverberation chamber treatment of works of art. The disinfestations of an ancient handicraft 66
Microwave disinfestations of biological pests. Structural investigation on modern and ancient artworks 66
An innovative microwave system for wooden art object disinfestation 66
Microwaves treatment of tomato seedlings. Effects on organs and tissues. 66
Molecular effects of LF electric fields on liver and bone cultured cells 64
Electroporation of bone metastases. Numeric simulation for optimizing a therapeutic process 64
Cytogenetic observations on thymidine synchronized bovine lymphocites exposed to 7.25 GHz microwaves 63
Numeric simulation of a therapeutic processing. Electrostimulation of bone rebuilding 63
Exposure of human cell lines to LF electric field. Induction of alkaline phosphatase activity 63
Statistical Analysis of Textual Data in Theological Sciences: Second Vatican Council Documents 61
Moisture in the historic walls: numeric simulations and innovative applications 61
Microwave treatment of wood artistic samples. Exposure of wooden handicrafts 60
Trattamento a microonde di strutture murarie. Sperimentazione su campioni vegetali 60
Tecniche innovative per la preservazione dei Beni Culturali: Trattamento con microonde di spore batteriche 60
Pulsed and continuous wave 9.4 GHz high intensity microwave exposure effects on cell cultures 59
Alcune analisi statistiche delle Encicliche Papali 59
Microwave Treatment of Tuff-stones. Structural Analysis 59
Symbolic code approach to GTD ray-tracing 58
Evaluation of electric field in capacitive coupling system 58
MW Treatment of Tomato Seedlings. Effects at Macroscopic and Cyto-Istological Level 58
Applicazione delle microonde per la conservazione dei beni culturali 57
Radio Vaticana. La Stazione Trasmittente di S. Maria di Galeria 57
Analisi statistica delle Encicliche Papali 56
Growth and thermal stress tolerance of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae cultures exposed to 2.45 GHz electromagnetic fields 56
Short exposures to an extremely low frequency magnetic field (ELF MF) enhance protein but not mRNA alkaline phosphatase expression in human osteosarcoma cells 56
Campi Magnetici ELF. Effetti su germinazione e crescita delle piante 54
Osservazioni citogenetiche su linfociti bovini sincronizzati con timidina ed esposti a microonde a 7.25 GHz 53
Electrical Stimulation in Oncology. Electroporation of Bone Cancer 52
Microwave treatment of agricultural soil samples 52
MW pallets disinfestations 51
«In natura umana Deus Pater impressit Verbum». Dio Padre nel commento di San Tommaso al vangelo di San Giovanni. Indagine dottrinale e verifica analitica. Analisi statistica e lessicografica, 50
Technology and equipment for the treatment of wooden objects 50
MW treatment of tomato seedlings. Effects on leaf and stem tissues 50
Le microonde nel settore agroalimentare. Rassegna di alcune applicazioni 49
Estrazione automatica d’informazione dai testi 49
Volterra series solution of Hodgkin-Huxley equation 48
Microwave exposure of colour pigments 47
Eccitazione e ricezione di onde complesse per ipertermia e radiometria a microonde 47
Statistical Analysis of Textual Data in Theological Sciences: Second Vatican Council Documents 47
MW treatment of works of art. Structural investigation of wooden and stone samples 47
Pulitura di superfici lapidee interessate da biodeteriogeni vegetali mediante trattamento a microonde. Indagine sperimentale 47
Symbolic code approach to GTD ray-tracing 44
Trattamento a microonde di beni artistici e culturali 43
Microwave treatment of biological systems: Simulation of heating in reverberating chamber 43
Esposizione della popolazione ai campi elettromagnetici. Giurisprudenza e normativa vigente 42
MW disinfestations of ancient walls. From Alliphae project to Paestum experiment 41
Rassegna delle applicazioni industriali delle microonde II 40
Sistemi per il trattamento di opere d’arte mediante microonde. Esposizioni in laboratorio e interventi su oggetti inamovibili 40
Exposure to electromagnetic fields: biological affects and material treatments 39
MW Disinfestations of Pallets 39
Tecniche Innovative per il trattamento di opere d'arte 39
Campi elettromagnetici e vita quotidiana. Applicazioni innovative 38
Le microonde per il trattamento non invasivo di opere d’arte. La disinfestazione di opere lignee: statua di S. Leone Magno e Biblioteca Hertziana. Il diserbo di antiche mura: esperimento di Paestum 37
Impatto ambientale dei campi elettromagnetici. Monitoraggio nella regione Molise: dati preliminari 36
Il Principio di Precauzione. Definizioni e applicabilità 36
Safeguard the Historical and Artistic Heritage by the Microwave Technology 36
L’impiego delle onde elettromagnetiche per la disinfestazione da organismi xilofagi. La sperimentazione 35
Disinfestazione di terreni agricoli con esposizione a microonde 35
Totale 6380
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