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Nome #
Adverse Events Associated with BNT162b2 and AZD1222 Vaccines in the Real World: Surveillance Report in a Single Italian Vaccine Center 132
The anti-ageing molecule sirt1 mediates beneficial effects of cardiac rehabilitation 117
Warfarin anticoagulant therapy: a Southern Italy pharmacogenetics-based dosing model. 110
Is physical activity able to modify oxidative damage in cardiovascular aging? 107
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Adrenergic signaling and oxidative stress: a role for sirtuins? 97
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Sirtuin 1 and aging theory for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 95
Adrenoreceptors and nitric oxide in the cardiovascular system 90
The ARGA study with general practitioners: impact of medical education on asthma/rhinitis management. 89
Pharmacological approach to overactive bladder and urge urinary incontinence in women: an overview. 89
A novel Leu153Ser mutation of the Fanconi anemia FANCD2 gene is associated with severe chemotherapy toxicity in a pediatric T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. 87
Knowledge and health care resource allocation: CME/CPD course guidelines-based efficacy. 87
A polymorphism at the translation start site of the vitamin D receptor gene is associated with the response to anti-osteoporotic therapy in postmenopausal women from southern Italy 85
A Prospective Screening of HLA-B*57.01 Allelic Variant for Preventing the Hypersensivity Reaction to Abacavir: Experience from the Laboratory of Molecular Biology of the Infectious Diseases Division at the University Hospital of Salerno 84
Impact of an Innovative Educational Strategy on Medication Appropriate Use and Length of Stay in Elderly Patients 83
[Sulphureous mud-bath therapy and changes in blood pressure: observational investigation] 82
Clinical, drugs interactions and pharmacogenetics evaluation of warfarin treatment in an elderly patient: A case report 77
Sirtuins: Possible Clinical Implications in Cardio and Cerebrovascular Diseases 77
Oxidative stress effects on endothelial cells treated with different athletes' sera. 76
Autosomal dominant thrombocytopenias with reduced expression of glycoprotein Ia. 76
Targeting Nitric Oxide with Natural Derived Compounds as a Therapeutic Strategy in Vascular Diseases 75
Exercise training in aging and diseases. 72
A UHPLC-MS/MS-based method for the simultaneous monitoring of eight antiblastic drugs in plasma and urine of exposed healthcare workers 71
A Long-term Treatment with Silybin in Patients with Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis Stimulates Catalase Activity in Human Endothelial Cells 70
Cord blood in vitro expanded CD41+ cells: Identification novel components of megakaryocytopoiesis 69
Antioxidant supplementation in the treatment of aging-associated diseases 68
Gender differences in pharmacokinetics of levodopa in Parkinson’s disease 67
Exercise promotes angiogenesis and improves beta-adrenergic receptor signalling in the post-ischaemic failing rat heart. 61
Exercise training promotes SIRT1 activity in aged rats. 58
Therapy response variability in elder cardiac patients 57
Biomarkers to Personalize the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis: Focus on Autoantibodies and Pharmacogenetics. 53
null 51
Experimental Pharmacotherapy for COVID-19: The Latest Advances 51
Role of sirtuins, calorie restriction and physical activity in aging. 51
Dietary Phytochemicals in Neuroimmunoaging: A New Therapeutic Possibility for Humans? 50
The Role Of Physical Activity On The Prevention Of Cognitive Impairment 49
SIRT1 Activity in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Correlates with Altered Lung Function in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 49
“New challenges in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases: From evidence-based medicine to personalized care” 45
Development of a novel ion-pairing HPLC-FL method for the separation and quantification of hydroxychloroquine and its metabolites in whole blood 45
Abstract 3132: Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in PD-L1 as predictive biomarkers for checkpoint inhibitor based-immunotherapy in caucasian patients with advanced NSCLC 40
Antioxidant Supplementation Hinders the Role of Exercise Training as a Natural Activator of SIRT1 38
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart failure: Common diseases of the elderly, frequent non-recognition and the value of specialist referral 37
Differential expression of RNA-binding proteins in bronchial epithelium of stable COPD patients 34
A genotyping/phenotyping approach with careful clinical monitoring to manage the fluoropyrimidines-based therapy: Clinical cases and systematic review of the literature 34
Effectiveness and Tolerability of a Patch Containing Onion Extract and Allantoin for Cesarean Section Scars 32
The need of a multicomponent guiding approach to personalize clopidogrel treatment 32
Sirt1 activity in pbmcs as a biomarker of different heart failure phenotypes 31
Screening, Linkage to Care and Treatment of Hepatitis C Infection in Primary Care Setting in the South of Italy 31
The role of pharmacogenetics for antithrombotic therapy management: new achievements and barriers yet to overcome 31
Cardiac rehabilitation increases SIRT1 activity and β -Hydroxybutyrate levels and decreases oxidative stress in patients with HF with preserved ejection fraction 30
Multidosing Intramuscular Administration of Methotrexate in Interstitial Pregnancy With Very High Levels of β-hCG: A Case Report and Review of the Literature 29
Prescriptive adherence to GINA guidelines and asthma control: An Italian cross sectional study in general practice 29
BPIFB4 Circulating Levels and Its Prognostic Relevance in COVID-19 28
Prospective validation of the International Warfarin Pharmacogenetics Consortium algorithm in high-risk elderly people (VIALE study) 25
Molecules and mechanisms to overcome oxidative stress inducing cardiovascular disease in cancer patients 25
Sulphurous mud-bath therapy for treatment of chronic low back pain caused by lumbar spine osteoarthritis 24
The inpatient hospital burden of comorbidities in HCV-infected patients: A population-based study in two Italian regions with high HCV endemicity (The BaCH study) 23
Phenolic plant extracts induce sirt1 activity and increase antioxidant levels in the rabbit’s heart and liver 22
An overview of the preclinical discovery and development of remdesivir for the treatment of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) 22
Cardiovascular Outcomes and Mortality Associated with Discontinuing Statins in Older Patients Receiving Polypharmacy 22
Gender Differences in Levodopa Pharmacokinetics in Levodopa-Naïve Patients With Parkinson’s Disease 21
Photosensitivity and cancer immune-targeted therapies 21
PD-L1 Dysregulation in COVID-19 Patients 21
Sulphate mineral waters: A medical resource in several disorders 20
Gender Differences in the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health of Italian Academic Workers 20
Vascular Oxidative Stress: Pharmacological and Nonpharmacological Approaches 19
Hydropinotherapy with Sulphurous Mineral Water as Complementary Treatment to Improve Glucose Metabolism, Oxidative Status, and Quality of Life. 19
Identification of Drug Interaction Adverse Events in Patients with COVID-19: A Systematic Review 19
Untargeted lipidomics reveals specific lipid profiles in COVID-19 patients with different severity from Campania region (Italy) 18
Cardioprotective Effects of Dietary Phytochemicals on Oxidative Stress in Heart Failure by a Sex-Gender-Oriented Point of View 18
Effect of tocilizumab in reducing the mortality rate in covid-19 patients: A systematic review with meta-analysis 18
Burden of compensated and decompensated cirrhosis: Real world data from an Italian population-based cohort study 18
Brodalumab treatment in psoriasis patients with severe renal failure 17
Case Report: BAP1 Mutation and RAD21 Amplification as Predictive Biomarkers to PARP Inhibitor in Metastatic Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma 17
Predictors of opioid prescribing for non-malignant low back pain in an italian primary care setting 16
Impact and Value of Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship: Retrospective Pre-COVID-19-Pandemic Analysis 13
Exercise training promotes SIRT1 activity in aged rats 12
Regulation of inflammation and oxidative stress by formyl peptide receptors in cardiovascular disease progression 12
Aerobic Training Workload Affects Human Endothelial Cells Redox Homeostasis. 10
null 10
The Role of Pharmacogenetics in Antithrombotic Therapy Management: New Achievements and Barriers Yet to Overcome. 9
Antiviral Activity of Ficus rubiginosa Leaf Extracts against HSV-1, HCoV-229E and PV-1 8
Effect of remdesivir on mortality rate and clinical status of COVID-19 patients: a systematic review with meta-analysis 8
Sulphurous Crenotherapy Is Effective at Reducing Pain and Disability in Overweight/Obese Patients Affected by Chronic Low Back Pain from Spine Osteoarthritis 7
Drug dosing in children with obesity: a narrative updated review 6
How organoids can improve personalized treatment in patients with gastro-esophageal tumors 6
Differential expression of RNA-binding proteins in airway epithelium in chronic lung inflammation 6
Relationship between COVID-19 Mortality, Hospital Beds, and Primary Care by Italian Regions: A Lesson for the Future 5
The preclinical discovery and development of molnupiravir for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) 4
Gender Differences Associated with the Prognostic Value of BPIFB4 in COVID-19 Patients: A Single-Center Preliminary Study 4
Pharmacological Approaches to Visceral Leishmaniasis in Patients with Immunocompromised Status 3
Opposite Response to Vitamin K Antagonists: A Report of Two Cases and Systematic Review of Literature 2
Bispecific Antibodies: A Novel Approach for the Treatment of Solid Tumors 2
Concomitant Administration of Capecitabine and Folate Supplements: Need to Encourage Medication Reconciliation 1
Characteristics of viral pneumonia in the COVID-19 era: an update 1
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