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Nome #
1,3-Double Siloxo-Bridged Zirconium Metallocene for Propene and 1-Hexene Regioselective Oligomerization 227
1,4-trans-Selective Polymerization of Conjugated Dienes Promoted by Octahedral Titanium Catalyst 199
Pulsed H-1-nmr Relaxation In Crystalline Syndiotactic Polystyrene 120
Base-free Cationic Mono(cyclopentadienyl)zirconium Complexes - Synthesis, Structural Characterization, and Catalytic Activity In Olefin Polymerization 106
Synthesis of Highly Syndiotactic Polystyrene With Organometallic Catalysts and Monomer Insertion 104
ATR Copolymerization of Styrene with 2-Vinylfuran: An Entry to Functional Styrenic Polymers 104
Geometry of Complex Molecular Motions of Guest Molecules in Polymers from Solid State 2H NMR 102
Direct Synthesis of Telechelic Polyethylene by Selective Insertion Polymerization 101
Beta-hydrogen Abstraction and Regiospecific Insertion In Syndiotactic Polymerization of Styrene 100
Solid-state High-resolution C-13 Nmr-spectra of Syndiotactic Polystyrene 100
Copolymerization of Enantiomorphic Monomers In the Presence of Enantiomorphic Catalytic Sites 96
C-13-enriched End Groups of Isotactic Polypropylene and Poly(1-butene) Prepared In the Presence of Ethylenediindenyldimethyltitanium and Methylalumoxane 95
Iron complexes of bis(oxazoline) ligand as novel catalysts for efficient Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of styrene. 93
Branched Polyethylenes By Cationic Benzyl Zirconium Heteroscorpionate Complexes: Role of the Borate Anion 93
Syndiotactic polystyrene-block-poly(methyl methacrylate) copolymer via click chemistry 92
Interactions of Volatile Organic Compounds with Syndiotactic Polystyrene Crystalline Nanocavities 91
Synthesis, Crystal-structure, and Olefin Polymerization Activity of A Zwitterionic Eta(6)-arene Zirconium Tris(hydrocarbyl) 91
Solid state C-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum of syndiotactic poly(4-methyl-1-pentene) 91
Brain insulin resistance impairs hippocampal synaptic plasticity and memory via FoxO3a/zDHHC3-dependent enhancement of GluA1 palmitoylation 91
Selective Synthesis of Syndiotactic Polystyrene 90
Binary Copolymerization of p-Methylstyrene with Butadiene and Isoprene Catalyzed by Titanium Compounds Showing Different Stereoselectivity 90
Highly Efficient Direct Aerobic Oxidative Esterification of Cinnamyl Alcohol with Alkyl Alcohols Catalysed by Gold Nanoparticles Incarcerated in a Nanoporous Polymer Matrix: A Tool for Investigating the Role of the Polymer Host 90
Behavior of Homogenous Catalysts For Propene Polymerization In Methylene-chloride 89
“Use of Waste Materials for Biodiesel Production” 89
High-resolution solid state C-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum of form I of syndiotactic poly(1-butene) 88
Syndiotactic Polymerization of Styrene - Mode of Addition To the Double-bond 88
Atom transfer radical polymerization of methylmethacrylate mediated by a naphtyl-nickel(II) phosphane complex 87
Stereoselective polymerization of conjugated dienes and styrene-butadiene copolymerization promoted by octahedral titanium catalyst 86
C-13-enriched End Groups of Polypropylene and Poly(1-butene) Prepared In the Presence of Bis(cyclopentadienyl)titanium Diphenyl and Methylalumoxane 86
Atom Transfert Radical Polymerization of methyl methacrylate mediated by a naphtyl-nickel(II) phosphino complex 86
Group 4 metal complexes bearing thioetherphenolate ligands. Coordination chemistry and ring-opening polymerization catalysis 86
Molecular-structure of Copolymers of Propene and [1-c-13] Ethylene Prepared In the Presence of Soluble Titanocene Methylalumoxane Catalysts 84
Synthesis of Syndiotactic Polystyrene Macromonomers End Capped with Bromine Atoms: a Tool for a New Investigation of Styrene Polymerization Mechanism Catalyzed by Monocyclopentadienyl Titanium Compounds 84
Iron(III) Complexes of Bidentate Nitrogen Ligands as Catalysts in Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of Styrene 82
C-13 Nmr Analysis of Copolymers of Propene With C-13-enriched Ethylene Prepared In the Presence of Different Stereospecific Catalysts 82
Gold Nanoparticles Supported by Nanoporous Crystalline Polymer as Highly Active and Selective Catalyst for Redox Organic Syntheses 82
Dynamics of Benzene Guest Inside a Self-Assembled Cylindrical Capsule: a Combined Solid-State 2H NMR and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study 81
Bio-sourced polyolefins 81
Kinetic investigation of syndiospecific styrene polymerization promoted by half titanocenes and novel complexes as models for the structural elucidation of the acticve species 80
Poly(lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) copolymers prepared using bis-thioetherphenolate group 4 metal complexes: Synthesis, characterization and morphology 80
Thioetherphenolate group 4 metal complexes in the ring opening polymerization of rac-β-Butyrolactone 79
Scandium and Yttrium Complexes of Heteroscorpionate [N,N,O] Donor Set Ligand: Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Activity in Ethylene Polymerization 78
Some C-13 Nmr Evidence On Isotactic Polymerization of Styrene 78
Single Insertion of Alpha-olefins Into the Cationic Complex [zr(ch2ph)3]+ Affording Isolable [zr(ch2ph)2(ch2chrch2ph)]+ Adducts - A Model For the Insertion Mechanism In Ziegler-natta Polymerization 78
Coupling of Carbon Dioxide with Epoxides Efficiently Catalyzed by Thioether-Triphenolate Bimetallic Iron(III) Complexes: Catalyst Structure–Reactivity Relationship and Mechanistic DFT Study 77
Synthesis of group 4 metal alkyl complexes bearing heteroscorpionate ligands and their role as homogeneous olefin polymerisation catalysts 76
Heteroscorpionate-based Co2+, Cu2+ and Zn2+ Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization and Hydrogen Sulfide Sensing 76
Oriented nanoporous host delta phases of syndiotactic polystyrene as a tool for spectroscopic investigation of guest molecules 76
Solid-state High-resolution C-13 Nuclear-magnetic-resonance Spectra of Syndiotactic Poly(p-methyl Styrene) 76
Reactivity of Some Substituted Styrenes In the Presence of A Syndiotactic Specific Polymerization Catalyst 76
Catalysts For Syndiotactic-specific Polymerization of Styrene - A Tentative Interpretation of Some Experimental-data 75
Syndiospecific styrene polymerization promoted by half-titanocene catalysts: A kinetic investigation providing a closer insight to the active species 75
Thioether-triphenolate bimetallic iron(III) complexes as robust and highly efficient catalysts for cycloaddition of carbon dioxide to epoxides 75
“Crystalline Syndiotactic Polystyrene as Reinforcing Agent of cis-1,4-Polybutadiene Rubber” 74
Polymorphism In Syndiotactic Polystyrene - A H-1-nmr Relaxation Study 74
Novel Synthetic Strategy for the Sulfonation of Polybutadiene and Styrene-Butadiene Copolymers 74
Polymerization of ethylene and propylene promoted by group 4 metal complexes bearing thioetherphenolate ligands 74
Titanium Complexes Bearing a Hemilabile Heteroscorpionate Ligand: Synthesis, reactivity and Olefin Polymerization Activity 72
A Combined Nmr and Electron-spin-resonance Investigation of the (c-5(ch3)(5))ti(ch2c6h5)(3)/b(c6f5)(3) Catalytic-system Active In the Syndiospecific Styrene Polymerization 72
Olefin Polymerization Catalyzed by Amide Vanadium (IV) complexes: Stereo and regiochemistry of Propene Insertion 71
New Zinc Complexes bearing kappa(2)-Heteroscorpionate Ligands: Influence of Second-Sphere Bonding Interactions on Reactivity and Properties 71
Homoleptic organometallic zirconium compounds as precursors of propene polymerization catalysts 70
Statistic Model of Prevailingly Syndiotactic Polymerization of Propene 70
“Copolymers of styrene with conjugated dienes by titanium catalysts; synthesis, characterization and evaluation of the mechanical properties” 69
Reductive decomposition of cationic half-titanocene(IV) complexes, precursors of the active species in syndiospecific styrene polymerization 68
Synthesis of alpha-diimine V(III) complexes and their role as ethylene polymerisation catalysts 68
A zirconium dichloro complex supported by an ancillary stereorigid tetradentate bis(phenoxo-imino) Schiff-base-donor ligand: Evidence for a conformational equilibrium between two solution stereoisomers 67
“Gold Nanoparticles Incarcerated in Nanoporous Syndiotactic Polystyrene Matrix as Novel and Efficient Catalyst in Alcohols Oxidation” 67
Palladium and Platinum Complexes of Alpha-ketoesters - Crystal-structure of Trans-[pt(p(c6h11)3)2(h)(oc=chc(me)(cooet)oco)] 67
Selective Detection of ATP and ADP in Aqueous Solution by using a Fluorescent Zinc Receptor 67
Novel nanostructured semicrystalline ionomers by chemoselective sulfonation of multiblock copolymers of syndiotactic polystyrene with polybutadiene 67
Isolation of A Single-insertion Intermediate In the Catalytic Polymerization of Propene By A Cationic Tris(hydrocarbyl) Zirconium Complex 66
Microstructure of Isotactic Polypropylene Prepared With Homogeneous Catalysis - Stereoregularity, Regioregularity, and 1,3-insertion 65
Stereospecific Polymerization of Propylene In the Presence of Homogeneous Catalysts - Ligand-monomer Enantioselective Interactions 65
A Comprehensive Depiction of the Furan-Maleimide Coupling via Kinetic and Thermodynamic Investigations of the Diels-Alder Reaction of Poly(styrene-co -2-vinylfuran) with Maleimides 65
Synthesis, characterization and role of a novel dimeric a-diimine iron (II) complex in ATRP of styrene 64
Polymerization of 1,3-alkadienes In the Presence of Ni-based and Ti-based Catalytic-systems Containing Methylalumoxane 64
Non-metallocene Group-4 Organometallic Complexes As Catalysts For Olefin Polymerization - Synthesis and Catalytic Activity of the Cationic Complex [zr(ch2ph)3]+ [b(ch2ph)(c6f5)3]- 64
Syndiotactic styrene-butadiene block copolymer and its manufacture. 63
Ethylene Polymerization catalyzed by Group 4 Metal Complexes of Tridentate Heteroscorpionate Ligands based on Substituted bis(pyrazol-1-yl)methanes 63
MW Disinfestations of Works of Art. Spectroscopic and Diffractometric Analysis 63
Highly efficient and selective reduction of nitroarenes into anilines catalyzed by gold nanoparticles incarcerated in a nanoporous polymer matrix: Role of the polymeric support and insight into the reaction mechanism 62
Microwave disinfestations of biological pests. Structural investigation on modern and ancient artworks 61
“ATR copolymerization of 2-vinylfuran with olefins: a novel approach to functional materials by monomers from renewable resources”, 61
Glycidol: an Hydroxyl-Containing Epoxide Playing the Double Role of Substrate and Catalyst for CO2 Cycloaddition Reactions 61
“Dynamics of Aromatic Molecules Clathrated in Crystalline Syndiotactic Polystyrene: A Solid State 2H NMR Investigation of the Host-Guest Complexes” 60
Isotactic Polymerization of Propene - Homogeneous Catalysts Based On Group-4 Metallocenes Without Methylalumoxane 60
Copolymerization of Styrene and Ethylene In the Presence of Different Syndiospecific Catalysts 60
Olefin polymerization promoted by monodicarbollide complexes of group 4 metals 59
Cationic Benzyl Zirconium Heteroscorpionates: Synthesis and characterisation of a novel Ethylene Polymerization Catalyst showing an unusual temperatuere dependent Polymerisation mechanism 59
Polymorphism of syndiotactic polypropylene in copolymers of propylene with ethylene and 1-butene 59
Microbial Transformation of Isoprenoid Systems By Means of Zoophthora (erynia) Ovispora (nowakowski) Batko 59
The coordination ability of the organometallic sulfur ligand [Pd4(OAc)3(h-MeSCHCOOEt-C,S)3]BF4 and the XRD structure of its palladium(II) complex [Pd4(OAc)3(h-MeSCHCOOEt-C,S)3(m-k2S-MeCHCOOEt-C,S)(h2-MeSCHCOOEt-C,S)]BF4 59
Stereorigid OSSO-Type Group 4 Metal Complexes in the Ring-Opening Polymerization of rac-Lactide 59
“Structural Characterization of Novel Styrene- Butadiene Block Copolymer Containing Syndiotactic Styrene Homosequences” 58
Ossidazione ed Esterificazione Ossidativa Aerobica di Alcoli Catalizzata da Nanoparticelle di Oro Incluse in Matrici Polimeriche Nanoporose 58
The nanoporous host delta phase of syndiotactic polystyrene as a tool for spectroscopic investigation of guest molecules 57
“Synthesis, characterization and ethylene polymerization activity of diimine V(III) complexes” 56
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