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Nome #
Starfish Saponins, part 49. New Cytotoxic Steroidal Glycosides from the Starfish Fromia monilis 174
Biomolecular Fishing for Calixarene Partners by a Chemoproteomic Approach 119
Antiangiogenic effects of N6-isopentenyladenosine, an endogenous isoprenoid end product, mediated by AMPK activation 109
Makaluvamine P: a New Cytotoxic Pyrroloiminoquinone from Zyzzya cf. fuliginosa 108
Identification of Cysteine Ubiquitylation Sites on the Sec23A Protein of the COPII Complex Required for Vesicle Formation from the ER 106
Modulation of Tau Protein Fibrillization by Oleocanthal 102
Plakilactones from the marine sponge Plakinastrella mamillaris. Discovery of a new class of marine ligands of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ 102
3-Alkylpyridinium Alkaloids from the Pacific Sponge Haliclona sp. 99
An Oriented Handcuff Rotaxane 99
Results and Perspectives on Anti-inflammatory Marine Natural Products 94
A New Cycloamphilectene Metabolite from the Vanuatu Sponge Axinella sp. 93
Anion-induced dimerization in p‑squaramidocalix[4]arene derivatives 92
The Unique 6-(p-Hydroxyphenyl)-2H-3,4-Dihydro-1,1-Dioxo-1,4-Thiazine and the New Tripeptide L-Glu-Gly-4-Hydroxystirylamine from the Marine Sponge Anchinoe tenacior 90
Callipeltin A, an Anti-HIV Cyclic Depsipeptide from the New Caledonian Lithistida Sponge Callipelta sp 90
The Inactivation Mechanism of Human Group IIA Phospholipase A2by Scalaradial 90
null 89
Renieramide, a Cyclic Tripeptide from the Vanuatu Sponge Reniera sp. 86
The molecular mechanism of human group IIA phospholipase A2 inactivation by bolinaquinone 86
The Binding Mode of Cladocoran A to the Human Group IIA Phospholipase A2. 84
Determination of Gymnemic Acid I as a Protein Biosynthesis Inhibitor Using Chemical Proteomics 83
Synthesis of potentially anti-inflammatory IPL576,092-contignasterol and IPL576,092-manoalide hybrids. 82
Further Insights on the Structural Aspects of PLA2 Inhibition by g-hydroxybutenolide-containing Natural Products: a Comparative Study on Petrosaspongiolides M-R 82
null 82
Heteronemin, a marine sponge terpenoid, targets TDP-43, a key factor in several neurodegenerative disorders 82
N-Formyl-7-amino-11-cycloamphilectene, a marine sponge metabolite, binds to tubulin and modulates microtubule depolymerization 82
Biomolecular Recognition with Calixarene Macrocycles 82
Chemistry and biology of anti-inflammatory marine natural products: molecules interfering with cyclooxygenase, NF-κB and other unidentified targets 79
The Binding Mode of Petrosaspongiolide M to the Human Group IIA Phospholipase A2: Exploring the Role of Covalent and Noncovalent Interactions in the Inhibition Process 79
Theonellasterone, a steroidal metabolite isolated from a Theonella sponge, protects peroxiredoxin-1 from oxidative stress reactions 78
Proteasome as a new target for bio-inspired benzo[k,l]xanthene lignans 78
Molecular Insights into Azumamide E Histone Deacetylases Inhibitory Activity 77
New Cytotoxic Polyoxygenated Steroids from the Sponge Dysidea incrustans 76
A Dimeric Peptide Alkaloid of a Completely New Type, Anchinopeptolide A, from the Marine Sponge Anchinoe tenacior 76
Mechanistic insights on petrosaspongiolide M inhibitory effects on immunoproteasome and autophagy 75
Cycloamphilectenes, a New Type of Potent Marine Diterpenes: Inhibition of Nitric Oxide Production in Murine Macrophages 74
Chemical Proteomics Reveals Bolinaquinone as a Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis Inhibitor 74
New Bisindole Alkaloids of the Topsentin and Hamacanthin classes from the Mediterranean marine sponge Rhaphisia lacazei. 74
In Cell Interactome of Oleocanthal, an Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bioactive Component 73
β-Boswellic acid, a bioactive substance used in food supplements, inhibits protein synthesis by targeting the ribosomal machinery 73
Coriacenins, a New Class of Long Alkyl-Chain Amino Alcohols from the Mediterranean Sponge Clathrina coriacea 73
Catenation of Calixarene Annulus 73
Fixed or invertible calixarene-based directional shuttles 72
Through-the-Annulus Threading of the Larger Calix[8]arene Macrocycle 71
Chemical Proteomics Discloses Petrosapongiolide M, an Anti-Inflammatory Marine Sesterterpene, as a Proteasome Inhibitor 70
Heat shock proteins as key biological targets of the marine natural cyclopeptide perthamide C 70
In cell scalaradial interactome profiling using a bio-orthogonal clickable probe 69
Oligosaccharidic fractions derived from Triticum vulgare extract accelerate tissutal repairing processes in invitro and in vivo models of skin lesions 69
PLA2-mediated catalytic activation of its inhibitor 25-acetyl-petrosaspongiolide M: serendipitous identification of a new PLA2 suicide inhibitor 68
Chemical proteomics-driven discovery of oleocanthal as an Hsp90 inhibitor 67
Fishing Biomolecolare con Hosts Calixarenici 67
Kahalalide F analogues from the mucous secretion of Indian sacoglossan mollusc Elysia ornata 67
Biomolecular Recognition with Calixarene Derivatives by a MS-Based Chemoproteomic Approach 67
Bioactive Macrolides and Cylopeptides from South Pacific Sponges 66
Mucosin: a New Bicyclic Eicosanoid from the Mediterranean Sponge Reniera mucosa 65
Chemical proteomics, a powerful tool in drug-target discovery 65
Identification of novel interactors of human telomeric G-quadruplex DNA 65
Chemical Proteomics as a Tool in Target Discovery of BioactiveSmall Molecules 64
Chemical Proteomics Reveals Heat Shock Protein 60 To Be the Main Cellular Target of the Marine Bioactive Sesterterpene Suvanine 60
null 58
Paniceins and Related Sesquiterpenoids from the Mediterranean Sponge Reniera fulva 56
Four New Dimeric Peptide Alkaloids, Anchinopeptolides B-D, and Cycloanchinopeptolide C, Congeners of Anchinopeptolide A, from the Mediterranean Marine Sponge Anchinoe tenacior 56
Differential in Gel Electrophoresis (DIGE) Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Macrophages Cell Cultures in Response to Perthamide C Treatment 56
The inactivation of phospholipase A2 by scalaradial: a biomimetic study by electrospray mass spectrometry 54
Chemistry and Biology of Anti-Inflammatory Marine Natural Products.Phospholipase A2 Inhibitors 54
Effects of Petrosapongiolide R on the Surface Topology of bee venom PLA2: a Limited Proteolysis and Mass Spectrometry Analysis 54
Dragmacidin F: a New Antiviral Bromo-indole Alkaloid from the Mediterranean Sponge Halicortex sp. 53
Dactylolide, a New Cytotoxic Macrolide from the Vanuatu Sponge Dactylospongia sp. 52
The Molecular Mechanism of Bee Venom Phospholipase A2 Inactivation by Bolinaquinone 52
Biomolecular proteomics discloses ATP synthase as the main target of the natural glycoside deglucoruscin 52
Scalaradial, a Dialdehyde Containing Marine Metabolite, Exerting an Unexpected Non Covalent PLA2 Inactivation 51
Isolation and NMR characterization of rosacelose, a novel sulfated polysaccharide from the sponge Mixylla rosacea. 50
Discovering the Biological Target of 5-epi-Sinuleptolide Using a Combination of Proteomic Approaches 50
Design and syntesis of estrarubicin: a novel class of estrogen- anthracenedione hybrids 49
SCSA Code: Applications on the Cyclopeptide Renieramide 48
Synthesis, conformational analysis and CB1 binding affinity of hairpin-like anandamide pseudopeptide mimetics 48
Molecular Basis of Phospholipase A2 Inhibition by Petrosaspongiolide M 47
Identification of Trombospondin-1 as a Novel Amelogenin Interactor by Functional Proteomics 45
On the Importance of the Pore Inner Cavity for the Ionophoric Activity of 1,3-Alternate Calix[4]arene/Steroid Conjugates 44
Multi-target profile of oleocanthal, an extra-virgin olive oil component 40
Petrosaspongiolide M Reduces Morphine Withdrawal In Vitro 40
Calix[4]arene-cholic acid conjugates: a new class of efficient synthetic ionophores 39
Modulation of Proteasome Machinery by Natural and Synthetic Analogues of the Marine Bioactive Compound Petrosaspongiolide M 38
Concise Synthesis of All Stereoisomers of b-Methoxytyrosine and Determination of the Absolute Configuration of the Residue in Callipeltin A 37
New insights on the interaction mechanism between tau protein and oleocanthal, an extra-virgin olive-oil bioactive component. 35
Chemical Proteomics-Guided Identification of a Novel Biological Target of the Bioactive Neolignan Magnolol 25
Determining the effect of pterostilbene on insulin secretion using chemoproteomics 23
Crellastatin A, a PARP-1 Inhibitor Discovered by Complementary Proteomic Approaches 21
Biological Profile of Two Gentiana lutea L. Metabolites Using Computational Approaches and In Vitro Tests 15
Analysis of Hsp90 allosteric modulators interactome reveals a potential dual action mode involving mitochondrial MDH2 10
Biomolecular Fishing for calixarene partners by chemoproteomics 5
Biomolecular Recognition Properties of Calixarene Derivatives by a Chemoproteomic Approach 5
Phytochemical Analysis of the Methanolic Extract and Essential Oil from Leaves of Industrial Hemp Futura 75 Cultivar: Isolation of a New Cannabinoid Derivative and Biological Profile Using Computational Approaches 2
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