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Biella 2
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Cava 2
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East Lansing 2
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Gorgonzola 2
Islamabad 2
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Nome #
Performance Evaluation and Measurement in Public Organizations: A Systematic Literature Review 144
Customer satisfaction, commitment, loyalty e implicazioni nella governance delle università: una ricerca esplorativa 138
From B2B to A4A: an integrated model for viable value co-creation 128
Citizens’ participation in healthcare services re-design. How Public Health Providers perceive their contribution 121
The Creation of sustainable Value in SMEs. A case study. 114
Reading Public Service Co-Production through the Lenses of Requisite Variety 111
Measuring customer value co-creation behavior: developing a conceptual model based on Service-Dominant Logic 108
Management and Computer Science Synergies: A Theoretical Framework for Context Sensitive Simulation Environment 105
Internet of Things and value co-creation in the cultural industry towards Service Dominant logic perspective 102
Contextual Fuzzy-Based Decision Support System Through Opinion Analysis: A Case Study at University of the Salerno 100
The more, the merrier: co-working as practical expression of value co-creation in sharing economy 99
Toward Smart Value Co-education 98
Stakeholder engagement for sustainable development in banking industry. An Italian case study 97
The Internet of Things and value co-creation in a Service Dominant logic perspective 93
Universityscape: the relevance of environmental factors in student’s perception 90
Stakeholder Engagement and Co-Creation in Logistic Industry: The Emerging Influence of Service Science Perspective 89
A big data-oriented approach to decision-making: a systematic literature review 88
Entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging markets: a system governance approach for enhancing SMEs viability 87
A new DSS based on situation awareness for smart commerce environments 86
La visione relazionale dell’impresa. Un approccio per la Strategic Governance 85
null 83
Smart and Green Technologies in the Mediterranean Ports: The Genoa Port Case Study 82
Sustainable value creation in SMEs: A case study 81
Il cambiamento sociale negli ecosistemi di servizio, tra co-creazione del valore e innovazione 81
Co-Created Value Through Smart Governance 80
Social entrepreneurship and social innovation through the lens of the value co-creation process. 78
Customer value co-creation: a conceptual measurement model in a Service Dominant Logic perspective 78
Appraisal Process, Emotional Reactions and Behavioural Intention for Heritage Tourists: A Self-Regulation Approach 78
The quality of a training course: a survey of determinants 78
Social Networks and the Buying Behavior of the Consumer 75
The Effect of Gastronomic Heritage on Visitors’ Decision-Making Process: Festivalscape as an Antecedent of Attitude. 73
ICT for sustainable development and competitiveness in the port system: the case of Venice, Italy 73
Un modello di profilazione della dirigenza pubblica: cluster analysis e azioni applicative per il public management 73
Patient empowerment and quality of online health information 72
Patient Empowerment and Health online Community: two ways to give the new viability doctor-patient relationship 71
How to Innovate Management Accounting for Public Sector: An Italian Case Study 71
Decision-making in smart service systems: a viable systems approach contribution to service science advances 69
The Climb to Success: A Big Data Analysis to Find Out Why Huawei Has Conquered the Market 69
Organizational culture and managerial effectiveness: is there a link? 68
The Paradigm of We-Government in the information age. An overview on social participation in a public service co-production. 67
Carpooling: travelers’ perceptions from a big data analysis 66
Understanding Value Co-Creation In A Logistics Network Through A SD Logic Perspective. The P&G Case Study 65
The “infection” of health care service ecosystem: the tools used for assessing patient satisfaction 65
Managing diversity in the cultural tourism field: the Peggy Guggenheim collection case study 63
Customer Loyalty: An Empirical Study on Italian E-commerce Websites 62
Le destinazioni balneari: un modello integrato per lo studio della fidelizzazione del segmento turistico giovanile 62
Marketing strategies in SMEs: a cross-country comparison between Italian and English firms 62
Stakeholder Engagement and Social Media Communication in Banking Industry: Monte dei Paschi di Siena Case Study 61
The role of technology and institutions in tourism service ecosystems: findings from a case study 61
Intellectual capital in service ecosystem perspective: some evidences from university context 61
Le relazioni fra cultura, ambiguità, efficacia manageriale e customer service orientation nella pubblica amministrazione: un modello esplorativo 60
What about Sustainability? An Empirical Analysis of Consumers’ Purchasing Behavior in Fashion Context 60
Big data management: The case of Mulino Bianco’s engagement platform for value co-creation 60
Big data and sentiment analysis to highlight decision behaviours: a case study for student population 60
How to Keep the Cold Chain Safe, Secure and Competitive. An Italian Case Study of a Fruit and Vegetables Cold Chain 59
A re-conceptualization of port supply chain management according to the service dominant logic perspective: a case study approach 59
An integrated framework toward Public System Governance: Insights from Viable Systems Approach 59
A new perspective on port supply chain management according to the Service Dominant logic 58
Conceptualizing social change, between value co-creation and ecosystem innovation 58
La comunicazione negli enti locali: tra comunicazione istituzionale e comunicazione politica 57
IoT-based Smart Cities: a Survey 57
Green supply chain management: Practices and tools for logistics competitiveness and sustainability. The DHL case study 57
Business process outsourcing enhanced by fuzzy linguistic consensus model 56
Extended Theory of Planned Behaviour (ETPB): investigating customer’s perception of restaurant’s sustainability by testing a structural model 56
A Big data analysis to explore students’ behavior 56
The Influence of Green Innovation in Logistics Competitiveness and Sustainability. The DHL Case Study 55
A Journey Through Possible Views of Relational Logic 55
Governance e Co-creazione di valore nella P.A. Una rilettura in ottica Service-Dominant Logic 54
SSMED and its multidisciplinary nature: an automatic literature review 52
Redesigning business models for data-driven innovation: a three-layered framework 52
Modeling and Measuring the Consumer Activities Associated with Value Cocreation: An Exploratory Test in the Context of Education 51
Processi di co-creazione data-driven nei sistemi di servizi smart 50
Flatness-based adaptive fuzzy control of chaotic finance dynamics 49
Reconceptualizing TQM in service ecosystems: an integrated framework 49
Unity is Strength: Co-Creating Value in Working Context 48
Technology in value co-creation experiences: how ICTs shape customer activities before, during and after delivery in smart tourism systems 47
Managing Emergence For Value Co-Creation and Innovation: A Viable (Eco)systems Approach 46
Growth hacking: Insights on data-driven decision-making from three firms 44
A nonlinear optimal control approach for chaotic finance dynamics 42
Money saving or what? Understanding the advantages of carpooling through big data analysis 41
ICTs and engagement platforms in resource integration: threat or opportunity for value co-creation? 40
(Co-)learning and (co-)evaluation in scholarly ecosystem: challenges and opportunities in the Covid-19 Era 39
Il ruolo della tecnologia per la co-creazione di valore turistico. Una revisione sistematica della letteratura e la proposizione di un framework teorico 38
L’emergenza come chiave interpretativa dei processi di co-creazione del valore: una rilettura (eco)sistemica 37
La co-creazione del valore e della conoscenza nei sistemi di servizio smart: le relazioni università-industria-governo-utenti come acceleratore di (co)-innovazione 37
Linking social entrepreneurship and innovation through the lens of the value co-creation process 35
Una reinterpretazione dei confini d'impresa secondo l'approccio sistemico vitale. 35
Reinterpreting governance in smart cities: An ecosystem-based view 35
Data-driven management: un framework multilivello 35
How Digital Platforms Can Trigger Cultural Value Co-Creation?—A Proposed Model 34
Evaluating festival attributes adopting S-D logic: the mediating role of visitor experience and visitor satisfaction 33
Flatness-based adaptive fuzzy control of chaotic finance dynamics 33
Data-Based Value Co-Creation in Smart Service Systems: A Reinterpretation of Customer Journey 32
Il ruolo dei big data nelle decisioni di marketing: una ricerca-azione basata sul Growth Hacking 32
From knowledge co-creation to value co-creation and beyond: challenging global emergency in smart service systems 31
L’ambiguità degli obiettivi nelle organizzazioni pubbliche: una rilettura critica della letteratura 30
Think human, act digital: activating data-driven orientation in innovative start-ups 30
Defining Health Service Eco-System “Infection”: A Critical Analysis of Patient Surveys 29
Service Science Management Engineering and Design (SSMED): a semiautomatic literature review 29
Sustainable business model innovation. “Progetto Quid” as an exploratory case study 28
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